Thursday, January 23, 2014

One Year

Another wave of cold weather is upon us.  This time they are calling it an "Arctic Blast!"  If we get much more of this, I think they will run out of cute names to call it.  I hope warmer temperatures are ahead so I can get back to my Frisbee playing.

We are very excited to be working with our new illustrator.  We met with him last week to share our visions.  I think we are on the same page and we all feel very confident that we can achieve our goals.  Mommy sketched out her vision for the cover, Daddy and I think it is fabulous!

Daddy is making a lot of progress on our new web site.  We are anxious to get it done so we can launch it!

A year ago next Thursday, January 30th, our sweet boy, Rudy went to heaven.  We are trying to stay busy with activities and work, but we can feel the anniversary approaching.

We still feel a pang in our hearts as we sense his presence.  Sometimes we laugh at memories, sometimes not.  That's the kind of impact my big brother has on everyone.

A lot has happened this past year.  We created some new happy memories, but can't help feeling that they would have been even more special if Rudy was still here.  I have fun playing with my old friends and even making a new friend once in a while.  I love wrestling with Daddy and giving Mommy kisses.

Maybe one day I will have a new little brother.  We know it has to feel "right" for all of us, and we know we will all feel it when it happens.  In the meantime, we are content with the status quo (big word, huh?).

Boomer the Mellow Yellow Lab

Friday, January 10, 2014

Rough Start to 2014

After the tough year we had in 2013, we figured we would catch a break in 2014.  Safe assumption, don’t you think?  Well, we were wrong.

The first 8 days of 2014 dealt us a few major blows.  First of all, Mommy has been sick since the beginning of the year.  We thought she might have been a bit run down, but when the fevers and body aches kicked in after two days, we knew it was the flu (H1N1).  I made sure she stayed well hydrated and rested a lot.  I was very quiet and watched over her, just like Rudy would have.  Her fever finally broke and she is on the mend – weaker though.  She doesn’t remember much about the time that passed.

The second bad thing was something called a polar vortex.  Polar air, which means really cold air, has covered the whole United States.  It was minus 44 degrees in my back yard.  Bad weather means a lot to me because it cuts into my Frisbee and fun time outside.  I think this weather has put everyone in a bad mood.

How is that for the start of a new year?  Not looking good, is it?

In the meantime, we still have plenty of things to keep us busy.  Daddy and Mommy have doctor appointments and Rudy’s anniversary is coming up on January 30th.  Daddy should be starting school again soon and he’s been reading more at church.  We are also working hard on our new web site. 

We have a new illustrator joining us for our project due out this Spring!  We are very excited!  We still hold out hope for a better year in 2014.  Fingers and toes are crossed!

Boomer! The Mellow Yellow Lab