Thursday, January 27, 2011

Young Authors in Apple Valley - WOW!

Yesterday Daddy and Mommy had an after school program.  It was for 20 third to fifth graders who would like to be authors.  Daddy and Mommy were very impressed by their knowledge and writing skills.  Daddy read all my books to them.  The children asked Mommy lots of questions about writing, being an author and other things.  It was so much fun!  Everyone had a great time.  At the very end, a little girl asked Mommy for a hug.  Mommy's heart just melted.  She still had a big smile on her face when she got home.  The kids were so good, I think I'm going to have serious competition ahead!  That's great, the world needs lots of good children's books! Love,
Rudy the Cute Poodle

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PT - What does it mean?

Daddy went to the doctor yesterday because his shoulder still hurts.  The doctor said a few weeks of PT would help.  Well, I was already to go!  I love Puppy Training!  I'd be happy to help Daddy!  After laughing a while, he explained PT meant Pysical Thjerapy - stretching and exercise.  I like to stretch, so I'll still help, I'll be his coach!  Good luck Daddy!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Walk for the Cure

Staying in now, but soon we'll be walking!  We have spent a lot of time inside because of the nasty cold weather!  Only short visits outside to "take care of business."  Daddy calls this "hunkering down."  We get cozy under blankets and take naps!

Daddy and Mommy found a charity to participate in for diabetes.  It's Walk for the Cure on Saturday February 26th at the Mall of America - so it's inside!  If they let puppies walk, I might be able to go, otherwise I'll babysit Boomer!  Since diabetes has had such a profound affect on Mommy's life, we feel it is an important issue and a cure needs to be found soon so other children don't suffer.

This will be a very fun, inspiring event with thousands of teams.  Our team is "Rudy's Walkers," please feel free to join us!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big Day

Today Daddy celebrated his 20th anniversary with the library.  Wow!  That seems like a really long time.  20 is a big number!  I don't even have enough toes to count that high!

Daddy and Mommy are going out for pizza to celebrate.  Daddy loves Sausage, green pepper, and cheese.  I know they will bring leftovers home for me, but not Boomer!  Boomer! is lactose intolerant.  That's a fancy way of saying he can't eat cheese - it gives him a tummy ache.  But not me!  I love cheese!  It's my favorite.

Wait a minute, I've never had left over pizza!  I wonder what happened to it?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Neighbors

If you read my Tip of the Month on our website, you know I mentioned a Yorkie with a sweater.  I thought it might be our new neighbor.  It ends up he is a friend of our new neighbors!  There is a man, a woman, and a dog named Kolby!  Kolby is 3 years old and a bit smaller then Boomer.  Daddy said he looks like a black and rust coon hound.  Boomer and Kolby are becoming good friends,  running up and down the fence line together.  I like the woman with blond hair.  She thinks I'm cute!  Our new neighbors are used to the cold, they are from Duluth.  It's fun having new friends!
Rudy the cute poodle

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lots of Fun coming up

We had a children's storytime at the library yesterday.  The kids were 3 - 4 years old.  It was fun!  We were wondering if people would come out because it was so cold windy and blustery.

We are going to be very busy - between Jauary 26th and February 28th we have 7 events.  It's a variety too, children's school programs, family nights, and a diabetic support group.  We are very excited.  Mommy would like to find a charity walk or two to do in the spring.  Mommy and Daddy really enjoyed the 3K they did so they know they can handle that distance.  Who knows, maybe if the snow melts, we can practice and even do a longer one!  Of course we would like to do a couple of events in April for National Donate Life Month.  But we are up for anything.

I wanted to share this with you even though it might embarass Mommy a little bit.  This is a review about Mommy's writing:

"Waibel’s stories are not picture dependent for a reader or listener to understand and imagine all the action that is taking place.  While the pictures are important, it is always a treat to find books that will be enjoyable for children who cannot see the pictures.  This is something I was always searching for when I worked at the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library and I continue to take note of these special books when I find them in my current job."

Jenifer Wagner, Children's Librarian
Dakota County Heritage Library
Lakeville, Minnesota

It's nice to hear some detail for a change.  Usually I just hear people say, "Man, that girl can write!"  (I think they forget that I help).

Stay warm.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update on funny Cousin Barkley

Grampa is feeling all right.  He has a little infection where they did his heart surgery, but a nurse comes by every day to take care of it.  He is working on getting his strength back so he can play ball with Daddy and me (and Boomer! too) in our backyard.  That will be fun!

That reminds me of my cousin Barkley.  He lives with Auntie Tammy, who is Grampa's daughter.  Barkley likes to play and wear funny outfits.  For Christmas, he wore jingle bells.  It sounded like Santa's sleigh.  Another Christmas he wore antlers.  I was going to put on my red nose and join him as Rudy the red-nosed poodle, but I couldn't find it.  (I really have one!)

For Halloween one year, Barkley was a hot dog.  I think he even had ketchup and mustard on!  He will let Auntie Tammy put anything on him!  Even people slippers!  He is one funny puppy dog!  And big too!  He weighs over a hundred pounds.  Wow!  He is as big as Mommy.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Before you drive, read a book....

Boomer! and I haven't taken a ride in our new "Rudymobile" yet.  We have practiced sitting in it while it's parked in the garage.  Mommy and Daddy are figuring out where we should sit.  I think I should sit in the front and be Daddy's co-pilot.  I'm very observant so I can bark when: another car gets too close; I see a dog in someone else's car or walking down the street, I see a place where I want to play or go to the bathroom...  Mommy can sit in the back with Boomer! and keep him company.

We will take a ride when Daddy figures out how to put gas in the car.  Things have changed since he got a new car so he has to read a book.  He's learning how to use the radio, the heat, the rear view mirror (it has a camera in it) and now it's time to learn the gas tank.  Oh, he just found the page... it's chapter 9 page 58!  It shouldn't be long now.  Who thought owning a car would be so difficult!  We love my new Rudymobile!  It will be even more fun once we start moving!

Rudy the co-pilot
P.S. There's a new Tip of the Month on my website!