Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Special Delivery - Save a Life

In my last blog, I mentioned an interview Mommy had with a radio pod caster named Donna Seebo.  Here is a 4 minute video of the highlights.  Daddy added pictures to the audio, so you can see what they were talking about.  I hope you enjoy it!
Like a typical April in Minnesota, we had some sunshine and now some snow. Living in Minnesota, we know we can never predict the weather this time of year.  I remember four years ago, Mommy and Daddy were on their way to New Jersey for a "Take Your Child to Work" Day and we didn't know if the plane would be able to leave!  It snowed 14 inches that day!  Two years ago, they were coming home from Las Vegas and it snowed 12 inches!  If you want it to snow in April, plan a trip out of town!

Speaking of out of town...We recently had an order from London, England!  Ringo wanted to deliver it in person because he thinks he is British!  Last week we had an order from Massachusetts.  A nice woman ordered them because a doctor recommended the books to her!  It is nice to hear that kind of news.  We love helping others.

On April 17, we celebrated National Donate Life Day.  It is a very special day in our home.  As most of you know, Mommy has had several transplants.  This has been possible due to three people; a woman in Florida donated her organs and Mommy got her pancreas.  She has also had two living donors who each donated a kidney.  Those generous people are Daddy and Auntie Tammy.  Without them, Ringo and I would never have had the chance to meet Mommy.  Wow!  We are lucky!  We are all very grateful for good people willing to share their spares.  We encourage you to check that box on your ID.
Boomer the Mellow Yellow Lab

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Talk and Walk

I'm getting a little tired of talking about my favorite subject, the weather.  In typical early Spring fashion, we have been teased with a few nice sunny days and brought back to reality with the threat of snow.  In our state, we have a chance of snow until mid-May!  The forecasters predict rain for the next few days.  I guess that's all right if it doesn't get too cold.  The rain will help the grass and trees turn green.  If it stays warm enough, it will help our sure sign of spring - the lilacs - I can already smell them in my mind!

Mommy had an interview late last month.  It was on a pod-cast with a woman named Donna Seebo.  I think Mommy did a great job.  She talked about some of her challenges in life and our books.  I heard her say our names a couple of times, so I know she talked about us, too!  Mommy likes to talk, which is a good thing because the interview was 30 minutes long.

Mommy has been busy lately.  She started Physical Therapy for her broken foot last week.  The machine she uses sounds really cool!  It's called an anti-gravity treadmill.  Somehow the therapist zips this huge bag around her waist and pumps it up with air.  The process takes away the gravity so she can walk without putting weight on her foot.  AWESOME!  She is up to 15 minutes per session.  She also rides a bike with a little resistance for 10 minutes.  We have a bike at home, so the therapist said she can start riding it at home as long as she doesn't overdo it.

Ringo and I will have to watch her.  Mommy is very motivated to get back to her normal activities.

Rudy's Little World was very happy to receive a big book order from our friends at Child Life Services at the U of M Children's Hospital.  They have been great supporters all these years and we really appreciate them.

Daddy had some time off from his school for the Easter/Passover holidays.  He will be back at it working as hard as ever very soon.  It seems like there is always something going on around here.  I think that is good.  If nothing else, we can all take a walk around the backyard and enjoy the new smells of spring and say hi to the neighbors!  Life is good!

Boomer! the Mellow Yellow Lab