Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Boomer's Birthday and Our Young Friend, Logan

I celebrated my seventh birthday earlier this month.  It was a great day with lots of singing, dancing, a new Frisbee and a birthday treat!

My new Frisbee has a hole in the center.  I let my little bro, "Ringo" play with it because he loves it. He sticks his nose in the center and runs around.  The problem is... the Frisbee covers his eyes!  It's very funny and it doesn't seem to bother him at all.

Mommy talked to a group of nurses for their new hire orientation/training about the importance of organ donation.  The coordinator thought she did a good job.  She kept it short and sweet because they were running late, but it was still very impactful.  Since it has been a slow month for Rudy's Little World, we have had time to enjoy the weather.

Mommy and Daddy took a nice boat ride on the St. Croix River.  It was a beautiful sunny day!

We also worked on a landscaping project in the front yard.  We have been putting it off until everyone was healthy and strong because it is hard work!  I think Mommy and Daddy did a wonderful job - with a little help from a nice young boy named Logan.  He came over and asked if they needed some help.  His help saved them at least a half day of time!  He ran back and forth for Daddy and lifted rocks and took care of garbage.  He was GREAT!  We can't thank him enough for his kind offer to help.

Boomer, the Mellow Yellow Lab