Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone!
I thought I would share our annual family Christmas letter to give you our year in review.  As you can see, it has been crazy!  I wish you all the best, with lots of puppy kisses.  I hope the new year is full of happiness and joy.  Talk to you in 2013!
Rudy the Red Nosed Poodle

A Rudy tooty hello from my family and me!

Hi Everyone,

Rudy here to fill you in on the activities of the house.  It seems like we are always busy, maybe because we are!  Between medical, business, new books, school and everyday life, we manage to keep our schedules pretty full.  I enjoy it, but Mommy and Daddy might be getting too old.

Daddy is doing well in school.  He studies very hard.  I am proud of him.

We had a new book launch in March.  It’s called Rudy O’Tooty.  Mommy and Daddy went out to the west coast this year, meeting many people in San Francisco.  They had fun.  Mommy had her picture taken and did a video with a firefighter named Martin.


Rudy’s Little World has a new Face book fan page!  We also still do our blog and web site.  This year we have participated in several events for the National Kidney Foundation.  In fact our fourth, “Rudy’s Little Holiday Book Sale” is currently running.  It is a cause near to our hearts since Daddy is a donor, Mommy is a transplant recipient and I have kidney disease.

I visit my vet three times a week.  It gives me a chance to perform and meet new friends.

Boomer! is a great brother.  He is very understanding when I leave and we snuggle when I get back home.  Our favorite place is still our back yard.  It is full of fond memories and just waiting for us to make many more.

Happy Holidays, Grace and Peace, Keep on Rocking-
Rudy, Boomer!, Mommy and Daddy (cause I don’t know their real names, sorry)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Solo This Time

Mommy had to take it easy for a few days, so we did a bunch of writing ahead of time.  That included blogs, fan page posts, a press release and a letter.  We were busy!  Since Mommy had to lay low a bit longer, I decided to handle this blog my self.

The weather has been vast and varied.  It was very warm and then snowed over 12 inches.  The snow stopped and it immediately got really cold!  I had to wear my tundra coat.  Within a few days, it rained for over 24 hours straight and got sunny.  That took care of most of the snow.  We only have one inch left.  Crazy, right?  It has been an adventure going outside.  First we are digging tunnels, now we are slipping in slush.

Playing frisbee has been a challenge for Boomer!  He has done several somersaults and mid air flips.  More often than not, he ends up with the frisbee in his mouth!

My new fan page is fun.  I post lots of pictures to show everyone my family and friends.  Everyone gets to see how funny I am too.

Our book sale is over now.  Made a little money for the NKF.  Most important, we tried our best.

We hope to play with Gertie and and Hobey Baker before the snow piles up again and we can't reach the fence.

Now it's time to watch Rudolph and Charlie Brown before Christmas gets here,  We love them.

Rudy the Independent Poodle                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Good News

People have requested it and now it's here!  We have a new fan page on Facebook.  It's  Please take a moment to "like" us!  We have already posted some cute photos and we will post more often.

The Rudy's Little Holiday Book Sale kicked off on Monday.  So far we have sold 15 books.  It's a good start, but we'd really like to raise more for the NKF.

My last vet visits went well.  My labs are stable and that is good news.  When I trotted into my vet's office for my fluids, they all cheered!  Everyone was very happy.

I made friends with a little Yorkie at the vet.  Now I have someone to hang with when the troop of white poodles are there.  For some reason the white ones don't dance anymore, so the Yorkie and I are more than happy to fill the gap.

Rudy the Trip the Night Fandango Poodle

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Great Dane and Me, RLHBS

Recently I met a 6 year old Great Dane at the pet store.  He was big!  His head was twice as big as my whole body.  He bent down so we could look eye to eye.  I sniffed him and licked his nose.  He was all right.  His people laughed and Daddy did too.  We went on our merry way.

The weather went from sunny and sixty degrees to snowing and thirty.  What happened?  It's crazy!  I wear my coats all the time now.  They're very cozy.

Our next big project kicks off officially on December 3rd and runs through December 15th.  It's called "Rudy's Little Holiday Book Sale."  Twenty percent of all sales will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation.  That's not just 20% of profits - it is off all sales!  Wow!  We hope to donate a lot to this worthy cause so near to our hearts.

A friend helped us put up the fancy banner on our web site.  It is so cool!  Take a look, if you have a chance.  Even though the sale starts Monday, we will unofficially start it now, so if you need any books (maybe for Christmas gifts), now is a good time to get a gift and have it help an excellent organization.

December starts Saturday.  YIKES!  I better get moving.  There is much to do and I'm just a tiny little poodle.

Rudy the Big Hearted Poodle

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Beautiful Thanksgiving Week

I couldn't ask for anything more.  The weather this week has been phenomenal, not a typical November in Minnesota.  Beautiful sunshine and light breezes fill our days.  The nights come soon, but I can't complain.  That is cozy time with Mommy, Daddy and Boomer!

I just have my regular visits at the vet this week.  I will still give my usual energetic and entertaining performances.

Mommy and Daddy are working on some projects for Rudy's Little World.  We hope they are very successful.  It is holiday time, so working on presentations and author bookings is difficult.  It seems like every year people kick into the holiday mode sooner.

I need my hair cut!  Mommy calls me her fuzzy little monkey!  She wants to put barrettes in my hair.  I think I would look very cute.  It will keep me warm for the inevitable cold weather.

Since it is Thanksgiving, I will tell you what I am thankful for this year.  No surprise, it is my family.  I am one lucky poodle and I couldn't ask for a better family.  They love me so much.  The feeling is mutual;  I think they're pretty special too.  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Rudy the Thankful Poodle

Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 11th

November 11th is a day we commemorate in our home.  Significant for different reasons, and culminating in who Mommy and Daddy are today.

Back in the mid 1970's, Daddy served in the U.S. Navy.  It was a time, when the country was in turmoil and very divided, similar to today.  Daddy took his responsibility very seriously and considered it his duty to serve with honor.  Daddy is a veteran and November 11 is Veteran's Day.

On Friday, November 11th, 1983 Mommy lost her sight.  She had her last eye surgery that day and when she woke up it was dark.  In a strange way she feels that it is the day she really started seeing.  Seeing the real world and what matters.

Duty, honor, responsibility, strength, hope and endurance all describe November 11th.  Where would we be without it?  The reasons for its significance are different, but they come together sometimes.

Last year while flying home from New York, Mommy and Daddy experienced such an occasion.  Sun setting, the plane flew over the majestic Statue of Liberty.  The scene was spectacular, better then any cinematographer could have created.  Full of awe, Daddy explained it to Mommy with vivid detail.  His enthusiasm added a new dimension, one of extreme pride.  Mommy felt it was better then seeing it with her own eyes.

Sharing this with someone you love made it so much better and profound.

November 11th is a day we remember.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Performances

Two visits equal two Halloween performances.  In the morning I went to my special vet.  Many puppies wore ballerina outfits or super hero capes.  I was a bit more unique, thanks to Daddy.  Approaching the desk, we were asked, "Where's Rudy's costume?"  I'll admit, I was a little worried so I started to dance.  Daddy quickly replied, "He is going as a poodle this year, he's really a German Shepherd."  Everyone started laughing and started calling people over to look at the hybrid German Shepherd.  I was a hit!

That evening, I also went to my regular vet.  By that time I came up with a name to go along with my fancy costume.  Daddy registered me as the "Notorious PIT."  That stands for Poodle In Training.  That's how the hip kids talk now.  Everyone thought that was great.  I am back to Rudy as my name now.  I might be the "Notorious PIT" next year for Halloween.  Maybe we could buy some bling to complete the ensemble!

Since it is getting cold, we bought a new coat for me to wear outside.  It is very cozy.  I love it!  I included a picture for you to see my awesome purchase.  Not bad for half price!  I never pay retail!

Rudy the Notorious Bargain Hunter

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ambassador or Mascot?

Spending more time at my vets' offices, I have become more comfortable with the surroundings.  I have taken it upon myself to make sure all are comfortable and entertained.

Last week I was a bit unsure when a 10 month old Tiber wolf arrived.  This was new to me, so I didn't know if I should provide security or dance.  Opting for the safe route, I tried to protect everyone and then hid behind Daddy.  It was a very unusual night.

This week was more normal.  As people and their furry friends walked in, I greeted them and did a dance.  They loved it!  After that responsibility, I walked from room to room up and down the hallways and made sure everything was as it should be.  If any exam room doors were open, I popped my head in to say, "Hi, I'm Rudy."  A Kitten was in one of those rooms.  She was being examined by my Vet.  When the doctor saw me she said, "Hi Rudy, how are you?"  Then she told me she had to close the door for a little while.  I headed up to the front lobby to entertain the receptionist.  She laughs and thinks I'm cute.

At my special vet, I ran into two white poodles my size.  Of course I gave them my smooth "Rudy" greeting and started dancing.  To my shock and amazement, they started following my lead!  People laughed and got a kick out of it.  I am still the star, the two white ones are my back up dancers.  We're not far from bow ties and tutus now!  Next we'll hit the big stage!

Super Star Rudy, Ambassador to the Vets

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kidney Walk and Meeting a Little Girl

Misty conditions couldn't dampen the spirits of 2,500 participants at the 2012 NKF Kidney Walk.  Mommy and Daddy met many new friends and saw their old friend TC the Bear.

Many puppies donning their cutest costumes escorted the people along the hilly course.  Mommy and Daddy made it the whole way on the long course!  I stayed home and watched Boomer!  We are better at sprints and will have to train for endurance later.

Last week my numbers were out of whack.  We are modifying my medicine and continuing my fluid therapy.  After a treatment, Daddy and I shopped at PetSmart.  I met a tiny girl who was just learning to walk.  If I stood on my back legs, we were the same height.  Her daddy pointed at me and said, "That is the kind of puppy I want."  Hearing that I of course started dancing my finest dance.  They laughed and the little girl began to copy me.  She was pretty good, too.  When I hopped up and down, she did the same.  We were a great team.

I am going to ask Daddy to make a marquee that says Performances Starring Rudy.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  I will hang it in front of the Vet's office.  I dance every time I am there, so I might as well let the public know.  I enjoy entertaining.

Rudy the Excellent Representative of the Poodle Population

Monday, October 1, 2012

Guest Blog by Mommy

I took some time off to show friends my new haircut.  Gertie and Hobey Baker loved it.  The weather has been beautiful, so we are enjoying it while we can.

I asked Mommy to do a guest blog for me.  She is a writer too.  She had a bad cold, but she is feeling better now.  I will be back next time to tell you all about about our kidney walk next Saturday.

Love to you all,
Rudy the Vacationing Poodle

Challenges are Blessings in Disguise

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.  Sometimes that reason isn’t clear, but ultimately it will reveal itself.  It may take years and that is how we learn patience.

To fully illustrate my belief, I thought I should share a brief summary of my life.

At the age of nine, I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes.  At 19, I lost my sight because of the disease.

In 1993, at the age of 39, I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure resulting in my first kidney transplant in 1995.  A pancreas transplant in 2003 finally cured the disease that ravaged my body.

After several years, another kidney transplant was necessary, so in 2009, my husband Wayne donated one of his kidneys to me and saved my life.

One might say I have experienced a few challenges.  Along with these medical situations come the emotional, physical, and mental aspects that naturally accompany challenges.

I chose to look at these challenges as blessings.  If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  These challenges were more speed bumps in my life.  They may have slowed me down from time to time or turned my path in a different direction, but they never stopped me.

Getting diabetes at an early age taught me about my inner strength and ability to take care of myself.  Learning these facts would be invaluable as I went on in life.

Losing my sight ended up being my best blessing of all.  It led to so many wonderful experiences that would not have happened if I were sighted.

I’ll admit when I lost my sight it was a shock, at what I thought to be the prime of my life.  This blow happened suddenly and I was not prepared.  After taking a few months to regroup and adjust to my new circumstances, I decided to continue my academic career.

At the time, my parents were consulting with a counselor working with the services for the blind.  It was his advice to go to a blind school several states away.  That was something I had no interest in pursuing.  I wanted to return to the University where I started my collegiate endeavors.  I felt I needed some familiar references, only now I would be experiencing them from the blind perspective.  My parents were apprehensive about my decision.  The counselor told them to go ahead with my plan.  He was sure I would fail, leaving no other choice then to send me to the blind school.  Call it motivation or a challenge, but I accepted it.  Four years later I graduated Magna Cum Laude.

The greatest blessing in my life also happened when I returned to the school I chose to continue my education.  Before losing my sight, I drove to college.  This was no longer an option, so I would need a ride.  My first day back I met a taxi driver with a warm heart and an excellent sense of humor.  That was September 13th, 1984 and we are still laughing!  That marvelous man is now my husband.  We only lived 6 blocks apart.  I walked by his family’s home every day to elementary school.  We never met until the day he drove me to campus.  A ride I wouldn’t have needed if I had my sight.  Everything happens for a reason.

Complications with my pancreas transplant caused me to lose my position at work.  At the time, I thought this was a mixed blessing.  I was deeply saddened by the loss of my job; it was one I enjoyed very much but it also gave me more time for recovery, which ended up being a long road, as I was twenty pounds under weight and extremely weak.  During this process, I was able to enjoy the pleasure of my dogs and observe their unique personalities.  The creative part of me emerged and I started writing stories about them.  My creative aspirations were something I had pushed into the recesses of my mind and heart.  I was an artist before losing my sight and thought that was gone.  While writing, I realized I was using the images in my mind.  These stories turned into a children’s book series called Rudy’s Little World.

After publishing my first book and presenting to groups of all ages, I finally discovered what I believe is my true calling.

Remember the degree I mentioned at the beginning of this piece?  It was a B.S. in Speech Communication.  I switched to that major because I liked the professors; they were very accepting.  Although it took twenty years, I now know the real reason for choosing that path.  Everything happens for a reason.

Embrace the challenges you encounter and don’t let them stop you.  They will make you stronger and lead you in the right direction.

Friday, September 21, 2012

As September Ends

It's hard to believe that September is almost over.  It went by so fast.  Soon October will be here.  Wow!

The last few weeks have been busy with all kinds of projects and trying to keep up with everyday life.  Sometimes it's hard to balance the two.

We kicked off our projects targeting children's hospitals, sent out two proposals for fund raising ideas, Mommy wrote her guest blog and we registered for the annual Kidney Walk!

Daddy works hard at his job and is doing well in school.  Mommy did a great job on her blog writing and finally got her hair trimmed.  It was driving her crazy!

Boomer! and I get our haircuts this weekend.  We are looking forward to it.  My hair is really shaggy.  I look cute, but no one can see my pretty brown eyes!

My vet visits are still going well.  I like driving with Daddy.  Sometimes we stop off at PetSmart to pick something up.  That means there are more people and puppies to entertain!

Mommy got a new vacuum cleaner!  She likes it.  It works well picking up Boomers' hair and all the leaves we track into the house.  We do tend to bring some of the backyard into the house.

Our walk is on Saturday, October 13.  It is our fourth one.  If anyone would like to donate, please do.  We can always use the help.  Any positive thoughts you could send our way would be appreciated.  It's a new course and we want to make it all the way around!  Here's my NKF profile page.

Rudy the Blogging Like Crazy Poodle 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

And On and On it Goes

This week is very busy for my family and me.  Time really goes by quickly and it's hard to believe mid September is upon us.  In a few days we have our kick off to our new project.  Mommy and Daddy have been working so hard on it.  We hope the response is good.

Mommy has been asked to do a guest blog.  She is going to write a story about her life this time.  I'm sure her life is almost as interesting as mine.  Maybe I will ask her to do a guest blog for me some time.  Maybe I will do a guest blog for someone.  I'm sure others would love to hear about my adventures.

Next month is the annual Kidney Walk.  Mommy has come up with a fund raising idea and will be working on that proposal next.  It sounds very good to me.

Along with all of our projects, Daddy is working on his school, I have my regular visits to the vet and we need to log in some outside time while the weather is still beautiful.

I am a star at the vet's office and everyone loves me.  I entertain them with dances and other tricks.  When I leave I always thank them by giving out kisses.

Boomer! has been very supportive and is an excellent little brother.  What more could we ask for?

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather.  I'll keep you posted on our activities!  Thanks for your support!

Rudy the Star of Rudy's Little World

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Video!

Part two of our big project is complete!  It is a book trailer for Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine.  Daddy did a great job.  The last part of our project is to send them out to all the pediatric Kidney specialty centers nationwide.  We hope some of them will contact us.  That would be fabulous.  Our launch date is Tuesday, September 11, so the push is on!

We may do book trailers for the other books at some time, but we'll stick with these two for now.

Except for one day, the weather was gorgeous.  A little hot, but no rain.  We took the Rudymobile to the vet 3 times for fluids and once for a blood draw.  I was the pilot.  I did well.

Part Two.  Enjoy!

Rudy the Busy Poodle

Monday, August 27, 2012

Better Health All the Way Around

It's probably good that the weather will be too hot to run around much this week.  My back is better, but I'm supposed to take it easy for another week.  It is very hard.  I almost jumped off the top of the deck today.  Daddy looked at me and said, "Don't you dare." So I didn't.  I had to jump at the bottom step though.  It felt good.

Boomer! is feeling better too.  He hasn't eaten any more ponytail holders or tiny apples.  He is a puppy vacuum cleaner; we need to watch him constantly.

Our even Saturday at Lake Minnetonka was fun.  Mommy and Daddy met a lot of dogs.  There was a puppy parade with costumes.  I included a slide show of pictures.  I hope you enjoy this funny visual.  They are almost as cute as Boomer! and me.

In my next blog, I will have a link to the latest part of our big project.  It is very exciting!

Monday is Labor Day so I am working very hard!

Rudy the Short and Sweet Poodle

Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Yesterday was an exciting day in our house.  I got a good report from my doctor.  She said my back was starting to heal and the lab numbers they were concerned about are better.  I will need to stay calm for a while longer to give my back more time to heal, but that's alright.  It's hard because I need to entertain my friends.  I will also continue to take my new medicine and have the IV fluids.

The people at the doctor's office love me!  Whenever I am scheduled to come in, they write my name on the board and draw little hearts around it.  A doctor in Chicago has also taken an interest in my case, so he'll keep an eye on it.

We finished part one of our project.  It's a Book Trailer for "Rudy Gets A Transplant."  Daddy did a fabulous job.  He is very artistic and smart.  Part two will be done shortly.  I have included a link to the first part so you can have a look.  It's only 2.5 minutes long - that's a very good time frame.

We solved a fascinating mystery late last night.  Mommy was missing a pony tail holder.  It just vanished!  Late last night, Boomer! had a tummy ache.  Within a few minutes - up it came.  No more tummy ache for Boomer!  Also no more pony tail holder for Mommy.  Boomer! feels better now.  End of mystery.

We are off to a fair for dogs tomorrow at Lake Minnetonka.  Our friends are going to a book fair in Hackensack.  Good luck to all of us!  I'll share details next time!  Enjoy the weekend and our book trailer!

Rudy the Mystery Solving Poodle

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not a Bad Week

The last week has gone by very quickly.  What we did, I'm not quite sure.  Here are a few updates:

Boomer's birthday was a lot of fun.  We gave him a new Frisbee.  It is almost as big as me, so I stood by and watched him play with it.  He was very excited and I was happy.  The weather has been beautiful, giving us more time outside.

Daddy took me to the doctor.  I am on a new medicine for my kidneys.  My back is doing better, but I still need to limit my activity for a while.  It is hard!

Mommy is prepping for our event next weekend - and Daddy is still working hard on our new project.

Our San Francisco You Tube is almost up to 700 views!  We think that is fabulous and very exciting.  That might be close to viral!  At least in my little world it is.

We look forward to spending more time outside.  The snow will be falling sooner than we can imagine.  We'll enjoy it while we can.

Rudy the Happy Poodle

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympics Inspired ER Visit and Boomer's! Birthday

First of all, tomorrow is my little brother's birthday.  Happy birthday Boomer!  You are a great little brother.

I love the Olympics.  My family has been watching them on TV.  It would be fabulous to go to the Olympics and maybe even win a medal.  It would be awesome to hear the crowd cheer.

I practiced my long jump, high jump, 50 meter dash and gymnastics.

Early Saturday morning, I didn't feel good.  Mommy and Daddy were very worried.  We didn't know what happened.  Not knowing what it was, Daddy brought me into the ER.  The doctor checked me out very carefully.  I didn't want to be touched because of the pain.  Our first concern was that it might be internal because of my kidney condition.  It ended up being a slipped disc!

The doctor said no jumping, hopping, running or dancing for a month!  That is really hard and confusing for Boomer!  Mommy and Daddy have been working hard at keeping me calm and quiet as I started to feel better.  I have medicine in case the pain is extreme, but I don't like it.

I will miss entertaining my friends for the next couple weeks.  We will adjust to this temporary status.

For the rest of this Olympics I will just be watching - not participating.  It will still be fun.

No Medals this time, Rudy
P.S. Thank you Mommy and Daddy for cheering my name.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Traveling Rudy Circus

I don't know if I should start by talking about the weather, my doctor visit, or my fabulous new haircut picture.  Went to the doctor Wednesday and all of my numbers are pretty good except for one.  They thought I might be a little dehydrated, so I had some extra fluid.  Of course I gave a fantastic performance.  Everyone laughed when I took myself for a walk, and danced for everyone I met.  It was lots of fun to entertain.

It is supposed to be cool with less humidity the next few days.  I hope the weather people have it right this time.  It'd be nice to get out this weekend and spend a lot of quality time in my big back yard.  The humidity really makes my hair get frizzy.  And since Boomer! and I went to the groomers last week, I don't want us to get unprettified!  That's a word I just made up, but Mommy and Daddy know what it means.

So instead of talking about how fantastic my new haircut is, and how beautiful Boomer's! nail and coat are - I will show you a picture!  Mommy is also in it and wearing her new dress, and Daddy is behind the camera taking the picture.  It's okay if you just focus on me and Boomer!  I'm the star, and Boomer! is my security.

July is almost over, so I must get back to work on our project.  Our next event will be on August 18th in Mound.  It is for Westonka Dog Days.  Hope to see you there!  Have a nice week.

Rudy the Prancing Pretty Poodle

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July, Jackson and "It's me under all that hair!"

I got my haircut!  It's been almost 100 degrees for the last several days so it was about time.  Amanda, the nice woman that cuts my hair was on vacation, so we decided to wait until she came back.  Boomer! and I really like her.  She is really gentle and caring.  Boomer! had a mani/pedi and brush out and I got my haircut and nails done.  Very cute!

Mommy and Daddy, celebrated the third anniversary of their kidney transplant.  Daddy gave her one of his kidneys and saved her life.  Here is the July Tip of The Month I wrote earlier.  It shows how important July is to us.

For me, July is a month filled with celebrations of new life.  In July 2004, I was adopted by Mommy and Daddy and started a new life with my family.
My daddy was born on July 5, my big brother Dexter, July 4.  Many wonderful friends were born in July.  It is a great month for birthdays.
On July 4, 1776, the United States of America (the country where I live) was born.  Wow!  That was a big one!  Everybody in the nation celebrates it every year.
My final example is really important to me.  On July 16, 2009, Daddy donated a kidney to Mommy and saved her life.  I think that is very much like a birthday.  It gave her another chance at life, just like being born again.  How special is that?
Whether it is the birth of people, puppies, nations, new families or new lives, July has had a huge impact on everything I know and love today.
Take a moment to think about your special dates and how much they mean to you. 

I included a link to a story done on TV about a little boy named Jackson.  We met him last month at the NKF Volunteer Recognition Event.  I wrote about him in our 06-07 Blog entitled "A Boy Named Jackson."  We are very happy he got his transplant and his 20 year old cousin Brett generously donated one of his kidneys.  What a wonderful story!

Summer is flying by quickly.  I don't know where the time has gone.

Hopefully this heat wave will break soon and we will be able to spend more time with our friends Hobey Baker, Gertie and the little Yorkie across the street.  We don't know his name yet.  He is even smaller than me.  That's pretty small!

Rudy the "I think I lost 2 pounds of hair" poodle

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot Days and Fun Days

The heat wave is over in Minnesota, at least for now.  We had 8 or 9 days in a row with temperatures over 90 degrees.  Two days were over 100!  That's really hot!  We didn't get much time outside.  It was a little difficult burning off all of our energy in the house.  Boomer! chased his tail a lot, I danced more and teased Boomer!  We both ran up and down the stairs and did a few laps.

Daddy had a couple days off for vacation.  It was so much fun having him home.  We don't get to spend that much time with him normally.  He had a chance to relax, mow the lawn (once it got cooler outside), fixed our red car and did something with oil in his motorcycle.  Even on vacation Daddy works very hard.

We celebrated Daddy's birthday and had "Happy Birthday Fun Day."  Lots of singing and dancing filled our world!  Boomer! and I were a bit afraid of the fireworks on the Fourth of July.  The noises are very loud.

Since we don't have an event scheduled until August, we are starting a very big project.  It involves tons of research, writing, some video work and plenty of planning.  We hope it will be a successful outreach.  We will see what happens!

The last two days were pretty cool so we spent more time outside.  What a relief!  Just in time to go back to work.

Rudy the I can't believe how time flies Poodle

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Seeing the Kids, Helping and Off to Denmark

On Tuesday, we had a fun program with the younger crowd.  The 3-4 year olds loved Rudy O'Tooty and did a great job singing Rudy's Dance Song.  The adults may have helped a little.  I will include a link to some pictures at the end of this blog.

We received a very nice email from a mom in Chicago.  She said our books were very helpful. "We loved them and she is talking a lot about having one kidney now and I love that we can educate her with the help of your books!"  We feel so blessed to be able to assist the parents and children with these difficult subjects while still having some entertainment too.

Friday we hit a new milestone.  We are crossing the Atlantic Ocean on our way to Denmark.  We received our first order for two copies of Rudy Gets A Transplant!  This is so exciting!

The weather has been extremely hot and humid.  The forcasters say it will continue into the next week.  Boomer! and I will have to limit our outdoor time until it cools down.  Hot weather isn't good for us because we don't sweat!

We have a busy week ahead.  It's the Fourth of July on Wednesday and Daddy's Birthday is July 5th.  The whole country celebrates his birthday the night before with fireworks.  He's very special and deserves it!  I watch the fireworks on TV because I am scared of the noise.

Here is the link to the program pictures, I hope you enjoy.

Happy Fourth of July!  Happy Birthday Daddy!

Rudy the Yankee Doodle Poodle who loves his Daddy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Video

Many of you may remember the trip Mommy and Daddy took back in January.  They went to a fun and exciting big city called San Francisco.  It's in California by a very big body of water called the Pacific Ocean.

The people they spent the day with sent this video to us yesterday.  I hope you enjoy it!

Rudy, the always cheerful, pleased as punch Poodle

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Grads and Dads

Mommy and Daddy went to a graduation party last weekend.  It was for the youngest son of Mommy's friend.  They have known each other since 1967.  That's a long time!  Daddy took a picture of the high school graduate.  Boy, they sure are growing kids tall these days!

Sunday is Happy Daddy's Day!  Boomer! and I have a great daddy.  I think I will give him two of my favorite Gentle Snackers!  They are my special low protein treats and I love them.  I love Daddy more, so he deserves them.  I think Boomer! plans on doing some special Frisbee tricks and will actually come when Daddy calls him.  Usually Boomer! makes Daddy chase him, he thinks it's a game.  That would be a nice present.  I'll let you know.

The weather has been nasty with the threat of severe storms.  I think Boomer! and I will have a refresher class on what to do in case of a tornado.  If I remember right, we are supposed to follow Mommy and listen to her.  We will need practice.

We are preparing for our children's event later this month.  It is so nice to talk to the kids again!

Summer officially arrives next week.  I thought it was already here?  Have a great weekend!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Boy Named Jackson

Mommy and Daddy were invited to a volunteer recognition event last Tuesday for the NKF.  NKF board members and staff introduced the volunteers.  It was a lot of fun.  Mommy and Daddy had a good time talking to the people who have helped share our mission.

The highlight of the night was meeting Jackson and his family.  19 month old Jackson toddled his way through the crowd, charming everyone he met.  His family volunteers in many ways to raise funds for the NKF.  Big sister Brooklyn made the announcement that Jackson found a match for his transplant earlier that day.  If all goes well, the surgery will be in mid-July!

As Mommy and Daddy headed for the door, Jackson and Brooklyn's mom asked Mommy for her autograph!  They received a copy of Rudy Gets A Transplant that day!  Mommy was honored.  It is so much fun meeting the children and families that read our books.  The mom was flustered because she didn't have a pen or piece of paper.  Daddy is so smart, he quickly ran outside to get a couple of books.

Recently we have corresponded with moms from Wisconsin and Chicago.  Both were looking for ways to explain kidney disease and transplants to their children.  One mom had kidney disease, the others child had it.  I'm so glad we can help.

Rudy the Proud as Could Be Poodle

P.S.  Here's a little slide show.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mommy's Home in Time for Happy Anniversary!

Wow, have we been busy!  Boomer and I are well.  My labs came back just fine so I don't have to go back for 2 months.  I will also continue to take my lower dose of medicine!  What can I say about Boomer?  He's always Boomer!

Memorial Day weekend was eventful!  Mommy got very sick.  She had to go to a place to get better.  Some nasty thing made her ill so she got very dehydrated and some of her labs were wacky.  I knew what was going on, I've been through this a few times.  Boomer! was confused.

Mommy came home in time for her and Daddy to celebrate their anniversary!  I was very happy!  I greeted her at the door with many kisses and did a little dance.

Boomer! looked at them with a funny look.  I think he was saying, "Where did you go?  Why did you leave us?"  After giving her a few sniffs, I think he figured out she didn't mean to go, but she had to.  He was fine then.

Mommy and Daddy went out with their friends for an anniversary dinner.  They loved it!  And had a great time.  I wish they brought home some leftovers for me, it sounded really good.  Daddy and Mommy have the best friends.  I would rank them right up there with Hobey Baker, Bronson and Gertie!

In the next week we have 2 graduation parties and the NKF event.  It sounds like fun!

Rudy the "next time you want to say hi to your hospital friends just send a postcard" Poodle

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daisys and the NKF

The Daisy Scouts were a lot of fun last week.  The weather was nice, so the troop leader decided to have the meeting outside.  Seven energetic 7 year old girls met Mommy and Daddy at the Rudymobile.

Even though it was really windy, the girls contributed many ideas for the story.  Mommy came very prepared.  She had an outline she put together describing each part of a story.  She also had questions ready that she could ask the troop to "keep the ball rolling."

Daddy was the official note taker and photographer.  Every Daisy contributed something to the story and Mommy tied it together.  I will include it at the end of this blog, in case you are interested in reading the Pourquoi Tale.

We have been selected to be recognized at the NKF volunteer appreciation event on June 5.  We feel very honored.  We hope we are helping by talking to others about the importance of organ donation.

Our outdoor activities may be limited the next few days if the weather guessers are right.  I'll just wait and see!  Have a nice Memorial Day weekend!

Rudy the Proud Poodle

A Pourquoi Tale

Long ago a group of 8 smart and funny friends became Daisy troop 55167.  The excitable girls got together every other Tuesday to plan fun activities and learn many things.  Megan, Amanda, Morgan, Maddy, Lauren, Rana, Freya and Ella enjoyed going out into the community to visit their local police station, and the library to learn how to “make” books.  The troop cleaned neighborhood streets to help take care of the earth.

Learning about nature, the world and animals was very interesting.  The girls talked with a blind author who helped them write a story.

For years the Girls Scouts sold cookies.  It was a yearly event all troops did to earn money.  Sometimes the money helped scouts all over the country.  The rest was used for many different things for the troop.

Buying supplies for the following year, going on field trips and donations for charity were all projects the girls planned.  They hoped to go to the Mall of America, Underwater world, skating and swimming.

Selling cookies taught the girls how to set goals, make plans and follow through.  It was a fun learning experience.  One year the girls also decided to buy children’s books to donate to kids in local hospitals so they would have something fun to read.  Each Daisy picked out two books.  It was very exciting!

And that is why Daisy Troop 55167 sold Girl Scout cookies, and my what a sale it was!

The End

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Write - Love - Dance

The past week has been a mixture of activities and weather.  The weekends tend to be rainy and cool, but the weather guessers promise some sunshine for the next few days.

We have a new neighbor dog friend.  Her name is Gertie and she is really shy and cute.  Gertie's 9 months old, so she is still growing.  Right now she is between Boomer! and me in size.

We added a new safety tip of the month to our web site and Daddy made a few minor changes.  We had an email and order from a children's hospital in Chicago.  They said they really like my books as educational resources.

On Thursday, my book "Rudy O'Tooty" was featured on a blog called "Reading Minnesota."

Mommy is very happy about getting a new haircut.  Even though here eyes don't work, it bothers her when the bangs tickle her eyes.  I don't like my bangs tickling my eyes either.  Daddy and Boomer! never have to worry about that, but I don't know why.

We are preparing to visit our little Daisy friends next Tuesday.  They are the girl scouts I talked about last November.  They are using some of their cookie sale proceeds to buy books to donate to children.  We are helping them out.  It is so nice to know children want to help other children.  The little girls have big hearts and are very generous.  We applaud that and support it every way we can.  Mommy's going to help them write a story.  That sounds like fun.

Boomer! and I need to go practice our "Happy Mother's Day" dance now.  Bye for now and "Happy Mommy's Day!"

Rudy the High Stepping, Mother Loving, Book Writing Poodle

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The week has been eventful with beautiful babies being born and dear friends passing away.  It truly is a circle of life.  I'm glad we can laugh at cherished memories while we are amazed by new ones being created.

I don't know social media that well, but I heard about a new idea on Facebook that sounds interesting.  They have created a new status where you can identify yourself as an organ donor.  People don't have to - it's optional.  I hope it will go a long way to promote the importance of organ donation.

We would have to do about a million presentations to reach as many people as Facebook!  I hope it turns into a positive experience and helps a lot.  124,000 people need a transplant.

On the news today they said Minnesota lead the way with new individuals signing up to be a donor.  I am so proud of my home state!

Fabulous lilacs filled the sunny warm air today.  Boomer! and I ran all over the backyard.  He is so fast, but once in a while he slows down to let me catch up!  We are an awesome twosome.

Big Brother Rudy

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Tuesday is my birthday!  I will be eight and feeling great!  The day before I have my annual check up at the vet.  For some reason, I always visit my vet right around my birthday?

Here is my birthday joke for all of you:
     Did you hear about the suspenders that got arrested?
     They held up some pants!  Tee hee!
Mommy and I thought that was really funny.  We do have a unique sense of humor.

I hope the weather will start to warm up again.  It was cool and kind of rainy the last few days.  Another coincidence, I got my hair cut right before the weather got cold!  I've been a chilly dog the last week.  My hair looks really cute though!  Here is a picture of Boomer! and me.

Rudy the Cute Poodle

Monday, April 16, 2012

A New Video!

Hi Everyone!

Here's a new video that Daddy made.  He worked very hard on it.  I think he did a great job!  Mommy and Daddy said that it was a lot of fun visiting the kids.  It's hard to believe that was almost a year ago.  It was snowing then, and it snowed today!  Coincidence?

The Proud Poodle

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It Feels Great to be Turning Eight!

In two weeks I will be eight years old!  WOW!  Time flies.  I still feel like a young pup.  The weather hasn't been as warm the last few days so our outdoor activities have been limited a bit.

Mommy and Daddy had an event last weekend.  It was for Kidney Education Day.  (Formally called Gift of Life.)  This year they decided to focus on overall kidney health.  It was a smaller audience as it was also a holiday weekend, but very educational and some nice people.  They really liked my books.

We hope to visit a few schools before the end of the school year, we just don't know which ones they will be!  Mommy continues to come up with different marketing ideas.

A very nice young woman used my book (Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine) to explain dialysis to her first grader's class.  She is a dialysis technician from New York.  She said it went very well and our book was extremely helpful.  I was very happy.  I like to help!

We received a very nice review from a children's librarian for Rudy O'Tooty.  It is posted on our reviews page at if you care to take a look.

A lot has happened lately.  We just finished five events in five weeks.  We like that!  Mommy said it keeps her feeling well prepared and less nervous because it is easier to keep the momentum when we do them more often.  Daddy made a new video we will post soon.  He's very good at it!  I'll keep you updated!

Rudy the Mature Poodle

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Every April we remind you about the importance of organ donation, especially living donors.  The need continues to expand.  With over 100,000 people waiting for a life saving organ transplant, it is imperative that we keep educating people.

It's too bad that the U.S. doesn't have the same organ donor system as Belgium.  In Belgium you are automatically considered a donor unless you opt out of the program.  Imagine all the lives that could be saved!

This April I thought I would share some interesting statistics about kidney disease.  1 in 9 people are affected with kidney disease.  Over 382,000 are on dialysis.  Dialysis is a process to sustain life, but it is not a cure.  Kidney disease touches many lives.

My family has been affected by kidney disease.  I have kidney disease and my Mommy has been on dialysis twice before her two kidney transplants.  Daddy is a living donor.  These are some of the reasons we feel strongly about our goal.

Some of you may be too young to donate organs, but you can talk to your friends and family to teach them what you have learned.  It's important to share information.

My tip this month is to learn something that interests you and share it with others.  Hopefully they will  continue sharing it and many people will learn.

Rudy the Never to Old to Learn Poodle

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weather-wise, Business-wise, Puppy-wise and Otherwise

What an absolutely beautiful week!  The weather has been in the 70's all week with a bit of rain at night.  The grass is turning green and trees are blooming.

Mommy and Daddy spent the day Saturday at a writer's festival and book fair.  They hadn't participated in a few years and quickly found out that it had turned into mainly a writer's festival.

Mommy advised many people who wanted to be children's writers and they said they appreciated all her help.  Many people also complimented us on our quality books and said they were great.  That was nice.  Unfortunately we heard lots of people say they purposely didn't bring money so they wouldn't be tempted to buy anything - they were just gathering information.  Maybe Mommy should teach a class about how to be a children's writer!  She wrote an outline of helpful advise over a year ago and people seemed to appreciate it.

At the end of the day, Boomer! and I were very happy to see them.  We went outside to take care of business and play with our friends.  Our neighbor Hobie Baker had friends visiting.  There was another big dog named Bronson and two Yorkies, Miles and Scruffy.  They are little like me.  It was lots of fun!  We ran and barked - PERFECT!

When we were done we ate dinner.  We gobbled it up quickly.  Boomer! was so tired he slept until bedtime.  He woke up long enough to do our nighttime routine and go back to sleep.  What a wonderful weekend, especially for March!