Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daisys and the NKF

The Daisy Scouts were a lot of fun last week.  The weather was nice, so the troop leader decided to have the meeting outside.  Seven energetic 7 year old girls met Mommy and Daddy at the Rudymobile.

Even though it was really windy, the girls contributed many ideas for the story.  Mommy came very prepared.  She had an outline she put together describing each part of a story.  She also had questions ready that she could ask the troop to "keep the ball rolling."

Daddy was the official note taker and photographer.  Every Daisy contributed something to the story and Mommy tied it together.  I will include it at the end of this blog, in case you are interested in reading the Pourquoi Tale.

We have been selected to be recognized at the NKF volunteer appreciation event on June 5.  We feel very honored.  We hope we are helping by talking to others about the importance of organ donation.

Our outdoor activities may be limited the next few days if the weather guessers are right.  I'll just wait and see!  Have a nice Memorial Day weekend!

Rudy the Proud Poodle

A Pourquoi Tale

Long ago a group of 8 smart and funny friends became Daisy troop 55167.  The excitable girls got together every other Tuesday to plan fun activities and learn many things.  Megan, Amanda, Morgan, Maddy, Lauren, Rana, Freya and Ella enjoyed going out into the community to visit their local police station, and the library to learn how to “make” books.  The troop cleaned neighborhood streets to help take care of the earth.

Learning about nature, the world and animals was very interesting.  The girls talked with a blind author who helped them write a story.

For years the Girls Scouts sold cookies.  It was a yearly event all troops did to earn money.  Sometimes the money helped scouts all over the country.  The rest was used for many different things for the troop.

Buying supplies for the following year, going on field trips and donations for charity were all projects the girls planned.  They hoped to go to the Mall of America, Underwater world, skating and swimming.

Selling cookies taught the girls how to set goals, make plans and follow through.  It was a fun learning experience.  One year the girls also decided to buy children’s books to donate to kids in local hospitals so they would have something fun to read.  Each Daisy picked out two books.  It was very exciting!

And that is why Daisy Troop 55167 sold Girl Scout cookies, and my what a sale it was!

The End

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Write - Love - Dance

The past week has been a mixture of activities and weather.  The weekends tend to be rainy and cool, but the weather guessers promise some sunshine for the next few days.

We have a new neighbor dog friend.  Her name is Gertie and she is really shy and cute.  Gertie's 9 months old, so she is still growing.  Right now she is between Boomer! and me in size.

We added a new safety tip of the month to our web site and Daddy made a few minor changes.  We had an email and order from a children's hospital in Chicago.  They said they really like my books as educational resources.

On Thursday, my book "Rudy O'Tooty" was featured on a blog called "Reading Minnesota."

Mommy is very happy about getting a new haircut.  Even though here eyes don't work, it bothers her when the bangs tickle her eyes.  I don't like my bangs tickling my eyes either.  Daddy and Boomer! never have to worry about that, but I don't know why.

We are preparing to visit our little Daisy friends next Tuesday.  They are the girl scouts I talked about last November.  They are using some of their cookie sale proceeds to buy books to donate to children.  We are helping them out.  It is so nice to know children want to help other children.  The little girls have big hearts and are very generous.  We applaud that and support it every way we can.  Mommy's going to help them write a story.  That sounds like fun.

Boomer! and I need to go practice our "Happy Mother's Day" dance now.  Bye for now and "Happy Mommy's Day!"

Rudy the High Stepping, Mother Loving, Book Writing Poodle

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The week has been eventful with beautiful babies being born and dear friends passing away.  It truly is a circle of life.  I'm glad we can laugh at cherished memories while we are amazed by new ones being created.

I don't know social media that well, but I heard about a new idea on Facebook that sounds interesting.  They have created a new status where you can identify yourself as an organ donor.  People don't have to - it's optional.  I hope it will go a long way to promote the importance of organ donation.

We would have to do about a million presentations to reach as many people as Facebook!  I hope it turns into a positive experience and helps a lot.  124,000 people need a transplant.

On the news today they said Minnesota lead the way with new individuals signing up to be a donor.  I am so proud of my home state!

Fabulous lilacs filled the sunny warm air today.  Boomer! and I ran all over the backyard.  He is so fast, but once in a while he slows down to let me catch up!  We are an awesome twosome.

Big Brother Rudy