Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not so Cuddly Labs Lead to Dance Fever!

I had my labs checked again this week.  They were stable, so I decided to dance!  Mommy joined me, Daddy clapped and Boomer! did circles.  It was fun.  I am a very good dancer.  I have expanded my repertoire.  Now I can do four dances.  My Irish dance is hopping up and down.  When I go from one foot to the other, that's my penguin walk.  My pup aerobics (for those who don't know - that is pumping my front legs up and down) are my style of the hip hop.  Finally my pirouette is ballet.  Wow!  I think I should definitely have my own TV show or at least be on "Dancing With the Stars."

We are still processing book orders.  Switzerland visited our website yesterday and looked around.  Exciting!

Our book launch party is coming up on September 20th.  That will be fun.  We look forward to seeing lots of people.  We hope to see you there!  We think you will enjoy "Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine."  See you soon!

Twinkle Toes Rudy

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rudy's Little World is Getting Bigger

"Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine" is coast to coast!  We have books from California and Washington to Massachusetts and Georgia.  Plus states like Missouri, Ohio and Iowa in between.  WOW!  It's very exciting.  Maybe it will be international someday.  Many countries have visited RudysLittleWorld.com (Canada, United Kingdom, India and Australia).

We received many emails and Mommy had a couple of really nice phone calls.  Our official book launch isn't until next month.  We are looking forward to it.  Our last book launch was tons of fun.  The best part is people are learning a lot.  Lots of people have said that a book like this was really needed.  I'm glad we could help.

Thanks for reading my blog and for all your support.  We couldn't do it without you!  I know I'm easily excited but that's all right.  I'm going to dance now.  Maybe some day I will get my own TV show like Ellen!

Big Time Rudy the humble poodle

Monday, August 15, 2011

Labs (not the cuddly type)

Both Mommy and I had our levels checked last week.  We looked pretty good.  All of my values were stable (that means the same) except for one.  It was a bit up from last time.  It can do that once in a while, but they want me to take a little more medicine.  My weight is steady at about 11 pounds.  I don't stand still long enough to get an exact read.  I did my dance and tricks so everyone thought I was cute.

Mommy's numbers were good too except for her iron.  It was a bit low, but that is normal for her.  There weren't any signs for long term effects from the heat stroke she suffered last month, so that was good.

We had fun playing outside last weekend.  Our friend Hobie had a little visitor named Oscar.  He is the small white dog I mentioned before.  Hobie and Boomer! had a barking contest.  Oscar and I joined in for a time but couldn't compete.  Boomer! won.  He gets very excited!

The weather is cooler now with less humidity.  I like it!  I think most of us do.  It was a hot summer.  I hope it stays like this - then we can have lots of playtime outside!

My web-site had many "hits" last week.  It was very exciting!  I don't think it went viral yet. (I am smiling).

Rudy the Stable Poodle

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's A Small World

Recently we watched a report about Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.  In January she was critically injured in Tucson.

They were interviewing the Chief of Surgery who treated Ms. Giffords.  Daddy yelled, "That's Dr. Gruesnner!"

Mommy and Daddy have had a lot of experience with Dr. Ranier Gruesnner.  He did 3 surgeries on Mommy while he was practicing at the U of M.  The first was when he removed her gall bladder during the work-up for her first kidney transplant in 1995.  He decided to do the surgery himself (usually a resident would do this minor surgery) so he could do some exploration for a future pancreas placement.  For the kidney transplant in May 1995, Dr. Najarian (Dr. Big Hands) took a kidney out of Auntie Tammy and then Dr. Gruesnner put the kidney into Mommy!

The last time Daddy and Mommy saw him was in 2003.  It was after Mommy's pancreas transplant.  Mommy was very sick with extremely high fevers.  Dr. Gruesnner told them she needed emergency surgery.  Delirious, Mommy said, "Okay, I'll do it if you promise to give me the good stuff so I don't throw up for 3 days after."  (Mommy had trouble with regular anesthesia).  Dr. Gruesnner promised.  Daddy smiled.  Mommy came home in in 3 weeks!

Rudy the Grateful Poodle

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Brother Boomer's Birthday

Today is my little brother Boomer's birthday!  He is two on August 2.  That means it is his golden birthday.  He is also a golden color.  He is pretty.  In fact, he is beautiful!  I am little and cute while he is big and beautiful.  Although we are different in appearance, we are very much alike in other ways.

When we first adopted Boomer! he was very tiny.  He grew very quickly!  He is a good brother.  He rarely barks, only when it is play time or he thinks he needs to protect the family.  He greets all the neighbors every time we go outside.  Boomer! gives tours of the house to our doggy friends.  I think he will be a professional Frisbee player when he's older.  Boomer! runs very fast and with a lot of grace.  He can catch the Frisbee while in mid air!  Amazing!

Boomer! is very gentle with Mommy and me.  He knows he needs to keep his strength in check when he plays with us.  He is very strong and we are not!  He saves the power for play time with Daddy.  He listens very well to Mommy - I think he knows he should because she can't see and worries about us.  Whenever she calls us, he immediately goes to her.  He kind of leads her around too.  He always keeps an eye on me - as I do on him.  We watch out for each other.  He is so smart he has already learned our daily routine and never deviates from it.  It is kind of funny, when we need to change a bit, Boomer! prefers the regular way.  Everything has its time and order.

Boomer! also shares his toys fairly well.  He got two chew toys for his birthday and shares them with me.

Once in a while Mommy and Daddy have to leave.  Boomer! has to be in his "crib" for that time.  (He still likes to counter surf and get into things.)  His "crib" is his bachelor pad.  He is quite comfortable, I like it.  Boomer! knows exactly when to go in it.  Daddy heads to the "treats" and says, "Meet you in the crib!"  and there Boomer! is - waiting!

I am an excellent guide and mentor.  At 2, Boomer! still has many things to learn.  He is so smart, I'm sure he will have no problem.  I love my brother and he loves me.  I think that's the way it should be.  That Rhymes!  Maybe I'm a poet?  Happy Birthday Boomer!  I'm proud of you.

Big Brother Rudy