Friday, December 31, 2010


We just finished off the last of some tasty treats a wonderful friend named Beth made for us.  Ok, Mommy and Daddy ate them, but they smelled delicious!  (They were people treats, not puppy treats.)  Since Daddy had his accident and Grampa had heart surgery they weren't able to make any this year.  One of the cookies esp;ecially reminded Mommy of her great grandma.  Whe used to eat them all the time as a little girl.  Grandma was Scandanavian (Swedish/Norwegian).  It's a flat cookie made on an iron.  Mommy thinks it's called "krumkake."  She loves it!  She remembers other Scandanavian specialties they used to eat.  Lefse - a flat potato pancake type thing, lutefisk - a smelly fish that had the consistancy of jello (yikes!) and julekake - a bread type cake with candied fruit.  Mommy's favorites were the cookies and the lefse!

Mommy loved her Grandma very much so this gift brought back many wonderful memories.  Uff Da (that's something they say in Norway) that was a lot of writing!  Anyway - Happy New Year everyone!  Hope 2011 is swell!

Rudy and his gang.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shiny new SUV!

Mommy and Daddy finally figured out what kind of vehicle to get.  They had no idea because before the accident they weren't looking at what was out there because we liked our big boy truck.  A lot has changed in nine years.  For one thing - Boomer and I weren't even born back then.  They landed on a GMC Terrain and Daddy picked it up tonight.  It is very pretty - a color called Merlot (whatever that means).  It looks reddish purple to me.  There's lots of room for Boomer! and me, so now we can travel again.  I can fit in the little red car, but Boomer! can't.

Our new Truck has a back that's closed in.  So if Boomer! and I wanted we could play back there.  I have a feeling we'll be in the front seat with Mommy and Daddy though.  We should have no trouble driving through the snow, but I hope it doesn't snow for a long time because we have plenty.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year's


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season.  Believe it or not - we had another 5 inches of snow today.  Plenty of fresh powder to play and get lost in.  Our friend Remmie from next door came over and then our cousin Barkley joined the party.  It was fun chasing 3 big dogs around.  I am still the oldest, so I am in charge.

Saw Grampa and Grampa and Auntie JoAnn yesterday and tonight Daddy's sisters and nieces came over with their puppy.  I like to snuggle with the girls.  We had lots of tasty food.  It smelled delicious.  Yum, yum!  We had lots of left overs, so I think they may have stopped off at Burger King on the way over :) (they did that a couple times before).  So that will be plenty for Mommy and Daddy for the next couple days.

It was very festive around our house.  We were playing Christmas carols and dancing while we prepared for our guests.  Boomer! and I were very good hosts.

We will see Daddy's Daddy in a few weeks when he is feeling stronger.  He is working on his rehab now and it tires him out.

We are still looking for a new vehicle to drive in the winter.  It's a frustrating process because we don't know what we are looking for.  It has to be big enough so Boomer! and me can  fit in it.

We are very tired tonight from all the playing.  So we are heading to beddy bye time.  Boomer's already asleep!

Have a good night!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Snow, What to do?

An update on Grampa - he is doing well and progressing nicely.  He was walking yesterday.   He will get out of the hospital today!

We had another 4 - 7 inches of snow last night.  UGH!  We may get more Thursday.  I think the only one that still loves the snow is Boomer!  He's crazy!  He likes to dive in it and surface later.

We are looking for something to drive - it's hard!  We loved our truck!  Boomer! and I could fit in it.  We don't fit in our tiny red car, so we have to stay home.  It's not good in the winter either.  Daddy says that's because it has rear wheel drive? and built low to the ground.  Hard to get through 4 feet of snow, but easy for me to jump into!  We want to make sure our next vehicle is very safe, especially in roll-overs!  Daddy is feeling better, but doesn't want to do that again!  It was not fun!  Mommy and I are worried every time he drives.

We're getting ready for Christmas, I hope Santa stops by and gives Daddy something nice!  My favorite Christmas shows - Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (I might be named after him!)

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grampa Update and the Best Friends in the World

Good Evening everyone!

Grampa's sedated post op, but that's not unusual - it's to help him heal.  If all goes well tonight - they will start bringing him out of it tomorrow morning.

Thanks so much to everyone who offered to shovel out our mailbox.  We never expected that kind of response.  Our mail person is REALLY a little woman with very short arms.  Daddy fixed the mailbox.  Mommy called the post office, and we will start getting our mail again tomorrow.  I guess I have to watch what I write.  We have the most awesome friends in the world!  Thank you again.

Daddy took a picture of our truck on his phone.  WOW!  He will have to show it to you.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update and Adding Insult to Injury

First of all... an update on Grampa.  His surgery went well, and he will spend a few days in the ICU so they can watch him closely.  Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.  Thank you also for the well wishes for Daddy after his accident.  He is still very sore, but we are watching him closely.  I sit on his lap and look into his eyes.  Then - I put my head on his chest to make sure I can hear his heart beating strong.  I try to keep Boomer! from jumping up, but it is hard.  Boomer! just wants to give him kisses, and doesn't realize how big he is! 

Here's the adding insult to injury part - we found out today that the post office isn't delivering our mail.  There is a small snow bank in front of the pole, but you can reach the boxes just fine.  The mail person must have really short arms!  I guess no more mail for us, because Daddy can't shovel for a while.  Daddy won't let Boomer! or me try shoveling, because we don't have thumbs.  Oh well - at least we will get a little bit more snow tomorrow.  I'm beginning not to like winter!

Have a nice night.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow, Rolling isn't always fun, no more truck

It was an unbelievable weekend!  The weather people weren't wrong - we got twenty inches of snow.  Daddy had to shovel many times.  Our program at the Farmington Library was postponed until Spring.  We made it there just as they were announcing the closure of all the librarys.  They NEVER do that.

On Sunday Daddy and Mommy went to see Grampa.  He will have quadruple bypass surgery on Tuesday.  That sounds like a very big word to me.  I'm sure he will be just fine.  Mommy and Daddy said he looked good and sounded strong.

Today - Daddy rolled the truck on the way to a doctor appointment!  He is sore, but safely at home with us.  The truck is not so good.  And there are a few of my books on the highway if anyone's interested.  Half price if you can find them!  People say he is lucky to have walked away from it.  Being the nice guy he is - Daddy stood in a snow bank and waved everyone around so they wouldn't get in an accident.  It's soooooo cold!

I feel so lucky that Daddy is all right.  We better not get any more snow because Daddy won't be able to shovel for a while.  I think we got an early Christmas present.  Because Daddy is OK!  Anyone know of a truck I can buy my Daddy?  I have fourteen dollars and twentysix cents!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Blizzard Ahead!

It has been a weird week. We were preparing for our children's program and book signing this weekend.  But now with the threat of a Blizzard (16 to 18 inches of snow) we might not have them.  We already postponed our signing on Sunday.

Daddy's Daddy (my Grandpa) had a problem with his heart and needs to have surgery.  We are going to visit him on Sunday when the weather threat is over.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated for his quick recovery.

As I am writing this, the snow has started.  Oh boy!  Boomer and I will have fun playing in it but Daddy will be shoveling a lot.

Hope you have a nice warm weekend.  And maybe even see you in Farmington tomorrow if the weather reports are wrong.

Monday, December 6, 2010

More Snow and an Update

Friday Daddy had a big test.  We will find out in a few days if he passed.  It also snowed another 10 to 12 inches.  It was the nice fluffy stuff.  Boomer! and I love playing in the snow.  Boomer! buries his head and runs as fast as he can - just like a plow blazing a trail.  It reminds me of my brother Kirby.  Kirby and Boomer! could spend hours in the snow.  It must be the lab in them.  Dexter lked it too, but not that much!  My little feet get cold after a while. :)

For those of you from Mommy's caring bridge - we have an update on our friend Phil.  He has stabilized.  The numbers aren't as good as they hoped, but they are stable, so he only needs to go in every other week for blood work.  He does have a side effect from the experimental med he takes.  His face, especially eyes and ears get puffy.  This makes it hard to sleep, so he is tired a lot.  He still works full time, etc.  I admire his strength and courage!

FYI - my big brothers Kirby, Dexter, and Dito live in heaven now, but I still remember them with great love and I know they are playing in the snow with us in spirit!

Rudy the Snow Poodle

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Frosted Cookies

This time of year brings back fond memories.  One of Mommy's favorite memories are frosted sugar cookies made by the woman that used to take care of her and her brother John.  They were always her favorite cookies.  One time Daddy's Mommy asked her to help decorate sugar cookies.  Mommy was frosting candy canes.  Daddy walked in and said, "Oh, you're making blue jays!"  Mommy thought he meant the bird blue jay and was very confused.  Then Daddy explained she was using blue frosting on the candy canes she was holding upside down - making them look like blue jays.  It's funny how the two same words can have two completely different meanings!  We laugh about it.
Boomer and I love frosted cookies made just for puppies.  Boomer licks the frosting off first, then eats the cookie.  I eat it all at once.  No matter how you eat them, they're yummy!
I think the holidays are for love, laughter, and fun.
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Wow!  It was a busy Thanksgiving.  We celebrated Thanksgiving twice.  Once at lunch and again at dinner.  It was very delicious and smelled sooooo good!  I like Thanksgiving.  And so does Mommy and Daddy.  I think it's because the house fills up with tasty scents.  Mommy and I especially love that because our noses work better then our eyes.  Boomer was very excited.  He thinks it was his first Thansgiving.  He doesn't remember last year because he was too little.

Today we had a book signing and met lots of fun people. 

Next week Daddy is going to be very busy at work.  I think he works too hard.  He should stay home and take a nap with Boomer and me!

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving. 

Happy Thanks giving to all, and to all a good night.  Wait - that's the next holiday.  Oops!  I'm getting ahead of myself.

Time for bed.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New and Improved

Hi Everyone!
I have attached the new and improved version of the Book Release Party Slide Show.  We found out that a couple pictures were fuzzy on the old one, plus it gave us a chance to add a couple of new pictures!  Now Daddy's going to try to figure out how to put a soundtrack on it!  Maybe it will be the Rudy Tooty Song.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sleepless Night and Dryer Sheets

Last night Mommy had a hard time sleeping.  She just woke up in the middle of the night and that was it, so she decided to fold some laundry.

I know this sounds funny, but one of my favorite toys in the world is a dryer sheet.  I have loved them forever!  George, the man that helped me at birth, told Mommy and Daddy that was the first thing I played with as a tiny puppy.  He laughed when I saw one floating in the air and caught it with my tiny paws.  Then I started wrestling with the dryer sheet!  It was great fun plus it smelled good!

When Mommy was folding clothes, I "found" the dryer sheet in the laundry basket.  I was sneaky and took it into the living room.  Mommy must have heard me because she came into the living room and started laughing.  I guess she could hear me rolling around and pouncing on it.  I still enjoy a good dryer sheet!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Night to Remember

Wow!  Mommy and Daddy had such a good time at the book release party last night.  They said it was really something special.  The room was full of people.  Lots of them friends and family.  Mommy said it was a little overwhelming because it meant so much to her.  Everyone wore little paw prints and Daddy did a great job reading my story.  Mommy got a little emotional during the talk, but Daddy said she held it together all right.  She said it feels a little different when there's so many people she knows in the crowd.  It's more personal and intimate.  Those are big words for me, but I think I know what she means.  I know I get very excited when I see people I know.  People really enjoyed the gift bags and treats!  Plus we sold quite a few of my books.  There were lots of laughs and fun, everyone had a great time.

A special thank you to everyone who came to our party last night.  You really made it a night to remember.

Thank you.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Snowy Days, Tired Days, and Hope for a Fun Filled Night

Yesterday we got 7 inches of wet slushy snow.  Boomer and I loved running around in it as it fell on our heads.  Mommy and Daddy had a book, craft and bake fair too.  It went from 9 until 3.  That made for a long day - especially since it snowed the whole time!  Mommy and Daddy met many people, bought some treats to eat, plus sold some of my books!  They were very tired when they got home.  Boomer and I were excited to get back in the snow.  They wanted to take a nap, so we compromised and played in the snow.  It's a good thing Mommy is feeling stronger, cause she was able to walk in all of the wet white mess.

Today we prepared for our party tomorrow night.  We are so excited!  The weather should be nice, so lots of people will be there.  Some of Mommy's friends are coming from far away.  She was very happy to get that news.  We have been working on this party for a very long time.  Mommy is a little nervous.  She gets that way before events.  I know when it is over, everyone will sleep well.  It should be lots of fun.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

November Eleventh

Today is November 11th - Veteran's Day!  My daddy is a vet.  He has the day off.  Lots of people don't work or go to school today.  November 11th is also the anniversary of the day Mommy went blind.  We don't celebrate it, but we do remember it.  She was 19 when it happened.  (It was caused by diabetes).

Bommer and I are going to the groomer's today!  I really need a haircut - I look like a fuzz ball!  We have fun at the groomers.  We are cute with our new haircuts and trimmed nails.

I would like to say thank you to Daddy and all the other veterans.  Hope to see you Monday, November 15th at my party!  Also check out

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Friends and then some

Yesterday while looking out the window I noticed our friend Remmie visiting our friend Bear next door.  I got so excited I started barking and hopping on my back legs.  Boomer! came over and saw Remmie too.  He began chasing his wagging tail and ran in little circles.  Daddy let us outside and all our friends were visiting Bear!  Winnie, Willie, and Remmie!  Boomer! and Remmie ran up and down the fence line together for a long time.

Boomer! has one leg shorter then the other, but it doesn't hurt him.  Mommy has one leg shorter, too.  She goes to Dr. Barb, a chiropractor to help her keep straight otherwise she might start tilting.  Mommy is seeing Dr. Barb this week.

I love it when our friends visit!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Raking Leaves vs. Playing in our backyard

Last week we raked leaves in our backyard.  Mommy raked around the fence line while Daddy did the middle.  I picked up a couple leaves with my mouth, but it tasted bad.  I decided to roll in them - my fur picks up many leaves, just like velcro!  Boomer ran through the leaf piles and wagged his tail from side to side.  I don't know if we helped, but it was fun.

Today we played in our leaf free backyard.  Boomer kept poking me with the frisbee.  I pretended not to care.  When he looked away, I pounced on him then ran away!  I did many fast circles and he couldn't catch me.  I am small so I can take turns faster then Boomer!  I'd let him get close and then take off again.  It was fun!  Boomer gave up so I went over and gave him a kiss on his nose.  Then he did a roll over!  I think he had fun too!

Which was more fun?  Raking leaves or running?  I guess I can't say for sure!  I know Mommy and Daddy laughed a lot both days so maybe it's even.  We sure have lucked out with the nice weather!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Hi Everyone!
This is the first entry on my new Blog!  I am very excited!  For those of you who have been following us on Mommy's Caring Bridge, thank you so much for your support.  Your comments and notes have really meant a lot to us the last 15 months.

Since I am the writer in the family, we thought I should take care of the Blog.  I'll try to write early and often!  For those of you who don't know about my little world, here is a picture of me.