Friday, March 29, 2013


Living in Minnesota can be challenging at times.  According to the calendar, it should be a week into Spring.  Looking outside my window, it still seems like winter.  The snow has melted enough to make it sloppy, so Frisbee playing is a bit difficult.  Opening day for my local baseball team is Monday and the temps are like football weather!

I had a play date this week and made some new friends.  Max is a little dog and Bella is a girl white lab.  It was a lot of fun and I was very tired when I got home.

At home, I have a new friend called Crush.  It is an orange tennis ball we named after the soda pop.  He was so much fun, but I accidentally bit a hole in him.

My Aunt Wendy made us a very nice photo book filled with pictures of Rudy and my family.  It is great.  I get to see photos of Rudy and my older brothers I heard so much about from Rudy.  I look forward to meeting them someday.  I miss my Rudy, we all do.

Happy Easter and have a great weekend!  I wonder if one of the rabbits in my back yard is the Easter Bunny?

Boomer! the Mellow Yellow Lab

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring? I don't think so!

I can't believe tomorrow is the first day of spring.  We have seven inches of snow on the ground and the temperatures are barely hitting the mid 30's.  Ouch!  I don't mind winter and all, but I'm ready for some grass and other green things.

We recently had a delightful outing.  Mommy and Daddy took me to a new family's home for a visit and then we went to a store called PetSmart.  It was a little confusing, I don't get out much.  I liked seeing new people and puppies.  There were many toys to look at, but the Frisbees were out of my reach!

When the snow and ice melt we are going to start taking walks around the neighborhood.  I tend to pull on the lead a bit, so we need to practice more.  I think it's because I want to go faster then Mommy and Daddy, but it's two against one, so I lose (frown).  It will be fun to practice.

Rudy is giving me pointers from heaven.  His advice is to slow down and prance so "Everyone can see you."  That is Rudy.  He was a big prancer, strutting his stuff for all to see, just like a star.  Since I plan on being a professional Frisbee player and part time writer, I guess I will work on my swagger.  We'll call it the "Mellow Yellow Swagger."  Maybe I should get some sunglasses and a visor?

Boomer! the Mellow Yellow Lab

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


It rained all day Saturday, still it was beautiful.  People came to share Rudy's life in celebration.  Rudy was watching from above, and I know he loved it.  Many laughs and hugs were exchanged, along with some tears too.  I think that's to be expected when sharing memories of my awesome brother.  It's great when so many people sharing their love for Rudy can gather together in tribute.

The celebration was topped off by the "Rainbow Bridge," a fabulous slide show created by Daddy and a delicious cake.  Our friend Kathy made it.  Everyone loved it.  I included a picture so you can see it.
I also included the tribute Mommy wrote for Rudy.  She said it out loud to everyone that day.  Thanks to everyone who came to honor my beloved little big brother Rudy.

On July 9, 2004 a little spark plug bounced into our life, infusing it with energy, joy, optimism and love.  One of his first experiences was being met at the door by Dexter’s big head.  He squealed and then jumped into the house with his little puppy bark, as if to say, “Hi!  I’m Rudy.  Here I am!”  And was he ever.  From that moment on he owned us and that was just fine.  It was his little world, and we were happy to be part of it.

It had been a sad time, we had just lost our little guy Dito and the house lacked energy.  Rudy fixed that.  It took Kirby, Dexter, Wayne and me to keep up with him.  Sometimes that wasn’t enough.  The four of us needed to sit on the couch in the living room while Rudy ran around in circles.  Wayne and I laughed.  Kirby and Dexter looked at each other, thinking, “He’s crazy!”

Not being able to have human children because of my diabetes, we’ve grown especially attached to our puppies.  They’re our furry children.  Rudy was our little boy, he was my baby.  He knew I needed him.  When we brought him home from Monticello; we had a box with a little bed in it, in case he was tired.  Rudy never used it.  He rode in the palm of my hand; balancing his two tiny paws on my index finger all the way home.

Rudy let me comfort him, care for him and cradle him in my arms while I sang his favorite songs.  When he was scared, he jumped into my lap for comfort.  One of Rudy’s favorite spots was in my lap.  When I cried, he licked my tears.  When I laughed, he danced.  When Rudy danced, I laughed.  The two of us were like one.  We were a lot alike.  Both small, both kind of runts in fact.  We’re always curious – always wanting to know what’s going on.  Rudy followed us everywhere – kitchen, bathroom, upstairs and down, inside and out.  Rudy was right there watching in case we needed help.

Rudy let me take care of him when he was sick, but he also took care of me.  He was there through a lot of tough times.  Rudy always slept right next to me on my pillow, his head on mine.  When he thought I needed a pick me up, he jumped on me, wrapped his little paws around my neck and put his head on my chest to hear my heart beat.  His positive energy was my motivation and joy.  He was my voice.  Because of Rudy, I started writing.  Rudy was my whole life.

Rudy cared so much about everyone.  He loved his older brothers, adored his younger brother Boomer!  He idolized his Daddy.  Rudy made sure everyone was all right, checking up on us often.

Rudy filled our hearts, our minds, our souls with cherished memories.  He touched many people and puppies.  He entertained and comforted them.  He truly believed he was responsible for everyone and everything.  Rudy was a tough little guy with a big heart.  He left us far too early, and I don’t know why.  I believe everything happens for a reason, but this time I’m confused.  I’m lost.  Maybe I’ll figure it out.  It might not be until the day when Rudy and I are together again and he tells me.

Right now he is in heaven taking care of his big brothers.  I know he is watching over us too, making sure we’re all right.  That’s Rudy, that’s our little boy, that’s my baby.
I thought I was taking care of him, when actually he’s been taking care of me.  I miss you Rudy and I will always love you with all my heart.  Well, not all my heart because you took a big piece of it with you.  I know you’ll give it back when we see each other again.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Get Ready to Celebrate!

Just a reminder that Rudy's Celebration of Life is Saturday, March 9 at 1pm.  It will be nice to share memories with all of you and eat cake, too.  Every one is welcome, Rudy would love it.

This week is full of activity.  We have had an influx (pretty impressive for a 3 year old, huh?) of  book orders from all over the country.  A few said it was to help explain transplants and dialysis to children!  Rudy would be thrilled.  He loved to help.  He loves the attention, also - that's his thing.

Mommy and Daddy have been busy preparing for the Celebration.  Daddy put together an awesome slide show.

Just when we thought spring was coming soon, we got snow and more is on the way.  I don't mind too much, it makes for a softer landing with my trick Frisbee catches.  I impressed friends Gertie and Barreta yesterday.  We saw my friend Hobie Baker and a new puppy, I look forward to meeting him soon.

In a recent chat, Rudy informed me that I need to come up with funny sign offs that pop.  He said that makes readers laugh.  I will try to be jazzy and come up with something unique.  For now, I will stay Boomer, the big yellow lab.  Oops!  I forgot!
Boomer! the Big Yellow Lab