Saturday, October 18, 2014

Storytime with Stacy

Our "Storytime with Stacy" on Thursday, October 16th in Hastings was so much fun!  To summarize it - we talked about kidneys.  What did we learn?  Kidneys clean blood, we only need one, Nyla's birthday is on Saturday, Greta likes to read and Amos has a friend named.... Noah!

To add a little more detail - Programs in October are tough.  You never know what the weather will be like, so it is hard to plan.  On Thursday, it was beautiful - sunny and 70!  Mommy was worried no one would come, it was too nice outside.  It didn't look good at first.  The librarian told Mommy and Daddy right away two of Mommy's biggest groups were going to the apple orchard and apologized for missing her this time.  Mommy replied, "I don't blame them, I'd be at the orchard, too!  It's gorgeous today!"  Soon after that people started coming in - many of them new friends!  Everything worked out all right.  Mommy had a great time talking to the group of 2 to 7 year olds for a whole hour.  One little girl thought she should dress up for the event, so she wore a tiara and wings (so cute)!  We sang "Happy Birthday" twice, read three books, shared many fun ideas and enjoyed treats!  Starbursts seemed to be the favorite.

All the children were very well behaved and seemed to be enjoying themselves.  The librarian was amazed that they were so attentive.  Mommy's secret?  Ask them questions, explain things and engage them.  Go along with the flow and never be surprised by what they come up with at any given moment!

Here's a little slide show of the event!

Boomer the Mellow Yellow Lab

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Vacation and Upcoming Events

After little brother, Ringo graduated top of his class from puppy kindergarten (he was the only one who showed up), the family decided it was time for a mini vacation!

Mommy and Daddy went to Las Vegas for 3 days, while Ringo and I went on a sleep over to our friend, Jennifer's house.  We like Jennifer.  She has many puppy friends and they like to play!  Jennifer's oldest daughter likes Ringo and the youngest girl loves me!  It's nice to have human friends to hang around with when our furry friends leave for the day.  When we were on our puppy pack walks, Mommy and Daddy went on a gondola ride, visited a wax museum and saw a couple of shows.  Fun for all!

Ringo did very well on his first sleep over.  I watched him closely the first day, but he was great!

Last week, Ringo and I both had check ups at the vet.  We are in perfect health!  Ringo was a hit - everyone thought he was cute and friendly.  I have really taught him well!

Our vet clinic decided to carry our latest book, "What's it Like in Heaven, Rudy?"  We really appreciate their support.  They have a very soft spot for our sweet Rudy and miss him, just like us.

Next week, we have a children's program at the library in Hastings.  It's called, "Storytime with Stacy."  She has a big fan base over there.  It will be a lot of fun.  She is looking forward to it.  We plan on sharing our books about kidneys, "Rudy Gets A Transplant" and "Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine."  Since it is MEA week, we wanted to make it more educational.  Of course, questions will be answered!

At the end of October, Mommy and Daddy will be taking part in the Harvest Festival at First Presbyterian Church of South St. Paul.  It will be a big event on Sunday, October 26th from 4:00 to 7:00 pm.  A chili cook off, baked goods, hand crafted items, fun and us - who could ask for anything more!?

Our last event currently scheduled is in November.  It is an adult education class.  They asked Mommy to come in and share her life story.  Wow!  She has a lot to share!  It should be very interesting.  She could talk for days about her cute puppies, but I'm sure she won't.  She's also had a very interesting life besides her awesome furry children.

Welcome in fall, everyone!

Boomer! the Mellow Yellow Lab