Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Traveling Rudy Circus

I don't know if I should start by talking about the weather, my doctor visit, or my fabulous new haircut picture.  Went to the doctor Wednesday and all of my numbers are pretty good except for one.  They thought I might be a little dehydrated, so I had some extra fluid.  Of course I gave a fantastic performance.  Everyone laughed when I took myself for a walk, and danced for everyone I met.  It was lots of fun to entertain.

It is supposed to be cool with less humidity the next few days.  I hope the weather people have it right this time.  It'd be nice to get out this weekend and spend a lot of quality time in my big back yard.  The humidity really makes my hair get frizzy.  And since Boomer! and I went to the groomers last week, I don't want us to get unprettified!  That's a word I just made up, but Mommy and Daddy know what it means.

So instead of talking about how fantastic my new haircut is, and how beautiful Boomer's! nail and coat are - I will show you a picture!  Mommy is also in it and wearing her new dress, and Daddy is behind the camera taking the picture.  It's okay if you just focus on me and Boomer!  I'm the star, and Boomer! is my security.

July is almost over, so I must get back to work on our project.  Our next event will be on August 18th in Mound.  It is for Westonka Dog Days.  Hope to see you there!  Have a nice week.

Rudy the Prancing Pretty Poodle

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July, Jackson and "It's me under all that hair!"

I got my haircut!  It's been almost 100 degrees for the last several days so it was about time.  Amanda, the nice woman that cuts my hair was on vacation, so we decided to wait until she came back.  Boomer! and I really like her.  She is really gentle and caring.  Boomer! had a mani/pedi and brush out and I got my haircut and nails done.  Very cute!

Mommy and Daddy, celebrated the third anniversary of their kidney transplant.  Daddy gave her one of his kidneys and saved her life.  Here is the July Tip of The Month I wrote earlier.  It shows how important July is to us.

For me, July is a month filled with celebrations of new life.  In July 2004, I was adopted by Mommy and Daddy and started a new life with my family.
My daddy was born on July 5, my big brother Dexter, July 4.  Many wonderful friends were born in July.  It is a great month for birthdays.
On July 4, 1776, the United States of America (the country where I live) was born.  Wow!  That was a big one!  Everybody in the nation celebrates it every year.
My final example is really important to me.  On July 16, 2009, Daddy donated a kidney to Mommy and saved her life.  I think that is very much like a birthday.  It gave her another chance at life, just like being born again.  How special is that?
Whether it is the birth of people, puppies, nations, new families or new lives, July has had a huge impact on everything I know and love today.
Take a moment to think about your special dates and how much they mean to you. 

I included a link to a story done on TV about a little boy named Jackson.  We met him last month at the NKF Volunteer Recognition Event.  I wrote about him in our 06-07 Blog entitled "A Boy Named Jackson."  We are very happy he got his transplant and his 20 year old cousin Brett generously donated one of his kidneys.  What a wonderful story!

Summer is flying by quickly.  I don't know where the time has gone.

Hopefully this heat wave will break soon and we will be able to spend more time with our friends Hobey Baker, Gertie and the little Yorkie across the street.  We don't know his name yet.  He is even smaller than me.  That's pretty small!

Rudy the "I think I lost 2 pounds of hair" poodle

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot Days and Fun Days

The heat wave is over in Minnesota, at least for now.  We had 8 or 9 days in a row with temperatures over 90 degrees.  Two days were over 100!  That's really hot!  We didn't get much time outside.  It was a little difficult burning off all of our energy in the house.  Boomer! chased his tail a lot, I danced more and teased Boomer!  We both ran up and down the stairs and did a few laps.

Daddy had a couple days off for vacation.  It was so much fun having him home.  We don't get to spend that much time with him normally.  He had a chance to relax, mow the lawn (once it got cooler outside), fixed our red car and did something with oil in his motorcycle.  Even on vacation Daddy works very hard.

We celebrated Daddy's birthday and had "Happy Birthday Fun Day."  Lots of singing and dancing filled our world!  Boomer! and I were a bit afraid of the fireworks on the Fourth of July.  The noises are very loud.

Since we don't have an event scheduled until August, we are starting a very big project.  It involves tons of research, writing, some video work and plenty of planning.  We hope it will be a successful outreach.  We will see what happens!

The last two days were pretty cool so we spent more time outside.  What a relief!  Just in time to go back to work.

Rudy the I can't believe how time flies Poodle

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Seeing the Kids, Helping and Off to Denmark

On Tuesday, we had a fun program with the younger crowd.  The 3-4 year olds loved Rudy O'Tooty and did a great job singing Rudy's Dance Song.  The adults may have helped a little.  I will include a link to some pictures at the end of this blog.

We received a very nice email from a mom in Chicago.  She said our books were very helpful. "We loved them and she is talking a lot about having one kidney now and I love that we can educate her with the help of your books!"  We feel so blessed to be able to assist the parents and children with these difficult subjects while still having some entertainment too.

Friday we hit a new milestone.  We are crossing the Atlantic Ocean on our way to Denmark.  We received our first order for two copies of Rudy Gets A Transplant!  This is so exciting!

The weather has been extremely hot and humid.  The forcasters say it will continue into the next week.  Boomer! and I will have to limit our outdoor time until it cools down.  Hot weather isn't good for us because we don't sweat!

We have a busy week ahead.  It's the Fourth of July on Wednesday and Daddy's Birthday is July 5th.  The whole country celebrates his birthday the night before with fireworks.  He's very special and deserves it!  I watch the fireworks on TV because I am scared of the noise.

Here is the link to the program pictures, I hope you enjoy.

Happy Fourth of July!  Happy Birthday Daddy!

Rudy the Yankee Doodle Poodle who loves his Daddy.