Thursday, August 27, 2015


In Minnesota, we can always expect winter to be cold.  It's just a matter of how cold and how much snow.  The rest of the year... you never know.  This time of year is very unpredictable.  One day can be sunny and high 90's, the next can be windy, rainy and mid 60's!  Last weekend was a mix of both.

Saturday, Daddy and Mommy went to a wedding.  It started out warm, sunny and very windy.  The ceremony was outside and the wind blew everything around.  Daddy read a Robert Frost poem and did a wonderful job.  Daddy's an excellent reader!  Everyone went inside for the reception (a fancy word meaning eating and talking to friends).  That is when the storm rolled in!  The wind was blowing so hard, the rain didn't come down - it went sideways!

Sunday was a lot better, but still windy.  Ringo and I had a spa day at home.  It was our first one ever!  We didn't know how Ringo would handle it, he is such a youngster and very unpredictable!  Daddy clipped my nails first and filed them nicely.  I was very still and held my paws up so Daddy could reach them with ease.  I wanted to be a good example.  Ringo didn't take the hint.  Mommy held him while Daddy clipped and filed his nails.  Mommy was in charge of the singing, kisses and keeping the little guy calm.  I was there for moral support.  I liked our Mani-pedi's!

We ordered a new banner for our upcoming events, it looks very nice.  Our book sales have been unpredictably slow this summer, so we hope they pick up!

We have a few programs for this fall, but we would like to get more.  Mommy and Daddy do great programs, so if you know anybody needing a great program.... :)

Mommy's therapy on her foot has been progressing well.  She is able to put more weight on it and walk longer!

For the past few weeks, Mommy has been having some vertigo.  That is dizziness and makes her shaky on her feet.  She also gets sick to her stomach.  She can be great for a couple days in a row and then it will hit her unexpectedly and suddenly!  Very unpredictable!  We are not sure what causes it yet, could be sinuses, a pain in her neck, or the knock she took in the head when we got our new refrigerator.

Weather, love, business/sales, behavior (especially of little brothers), health - all unpredictable!  Wow!  Is anything in life predictable?  I'm going to think about that a while.  I need a nap!

Boomer the Mellow Yellow Lab

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Is It August Already?

Where has the time gone?  I can't believe it is August already.  The only reason I know it is for sure, is because we celebrated my sixth birthday on Sunday.

Since it was my birthday, Ringo asked me if he could write the blog this time.  I told him he's still too young and needs a little more experience, so he asked if he could write a few lines.  I said, "Sure, give it a try.  By the way, those 'lines' are called sentences."  I'm always trying to teach the little one and groom him for the family business!

Without any further hesitation, here's little bro, Ringo!

Hello, everyone!  I'm Ringo, Boomer's little brother.  He said I could write a few sentences for the blog this time.  I'm glad he asked because I want to tell you how great he is.  Boomer! is an awesome big brother and continues to teach me many things every day.

This Sunday was Boomer's sixth birthday.  All he wanted was a couple of special treats, which he shared with me.  He also wanted to play Frisbee and lots of it!  That Frisbee is his favorite play time activity.  Usually I chase Boomer while he runs after the red disc.  Once in a while Daddy throws it to me, but I am too little to catch it in my mouth like Boomer!  I prefer to chase Boomer.  He always pays attention to me, keeping track of where I am at all times.

My big brother watches over me, shares with me, teaches me, encourages me and loves me very much.  The feeling is mutual :)

Happy Birthday, Boomer!

Little Bro, Ringo
P.S. Don't forget to read my writings with an English accent as I am quite British!  Ta!