Monday, June 27, 2011

Sounds That Go Thump in the Night

We slept through our Sunday morning alarm again.  This time it was for reasons beyond our control.  Saturday night a local community must have been shooting fireworks.  We could hear the bangs and booms, but we couldn't see the lights in the sky.  Boomer! doesn't know what to think about fireworks, he has had only one 4th of July.  I have had seven.  While he is confused, I know I don't like them.  They are too loud and scare me.

Once we finally settled down, we went to sleep.  I was startled in the middle of the night by a loud noise.  I started barking because of my fear.  Mommy woke up the same time I did; it startled her too.  Mommy comforted me so I would calm down.  Boomer! was walking around in a daze.  (I think he's confused a lot.)  Daddy asked us what was going on.  Mommy told him there was a loud noise that woke us up.

We eventually fell asleep again, but it took a while.  Sunday afternoon was beautiful.  The sun finally made an appearance so Daddy mowed the lawn.  Later, Boomer! and I romped all around the yard.

We have a children's program on Wednesday in Hastings.  It will be lots of fun!  I love it!

Rudy the OMG!  What was that? Poodle

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Being Mellow and Breezy is Good for your Health

It was supposed to be a dry sunny weekend, so it rained all day and the sun never came out!  I hope it will make an appearance tomorrow.  Our big backyard needs a chance to dry out so Daddy can mow the lawn.  Right now I feel like I am walking through a tropical rain forest because I am so short.  Once the grass is cut, I will be able to run very fast.

At one time I thought about becoming a weather puppy, but they are wrong most of the time and I don't like that.  I would not want to be wrong most of the time.  So I will stick to being an author, and superstar!

Friday was a nice day for a few hours.  We really couldn't enjoy the outdoors though because Daddy and I were at the vet.  All of my numbers were good except for one little pesky one.  Now I have to take more medicine and then they will test me again.  Next time I am going to bring in my own sample because they have a hard time collecting one, but Daddy is an expert and knows exactly how to do it.  So we will just keep on going from there. 

I am still following my special diet, and I love my Gentle Snackers!  The vet wants to make sure I don't lose any weight.  Mommy watches me very closely.  Weight is a big deal to her. 

Boomer got some new food, and he likes it. 

We are preparing for our next children's program at Hastings on Wednesday.  And then our schedule doesn't start up again until September.  Mommy would like to fill in a few blanks, so we'll see what happens. 

If it is nice tomorrow, I am going to go outside and dance!  And then I will take myself for a walk.  That seems to make people laugh.  I like to make people laugh.

Best thing we can do right now is try to maintain some stability.  Stress tends to elevate my blood pressure and that is not good.  It also creates stress for Mommy and Daddy.  So around the Waibel household... we are going to be mellow fellows.  And Mommy will be in the corner freaking out.  (Just kidding!)  (not)

Hope your Sunday is actually a Sun Day (ha ha) and we have a beautiful afternoon to enjoy.

Rudy the Mellow Fellow Poodle (I'm so mellow I'm wearing my shades at night!)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day!

There's an old saying, "Burning the candle at both ends."  That means staying up late and getting up early the next morning.  Well, I think we've been doing that a lot around here and yesterday we had to catch up on sleep!  We all slept through our morning alarm.  When Mommy woke up, she quickly got the rest of us going to start our routine.  Boomer! and I ate breakfast, I had my medicine, and we "took care of business."  Daddy was still tired.  Since it was "Daddy's Day" Mommy asked him if he'd like to take a nap.  He did and we slept until lunch!  We've never done that before!  The last time Daddy took a nap was right after surgery when he gave Mommy a kidney for her transplant two years ago.  When we woke up, Boomer! and I gave Daddy his present.  I included a picture - Boomer! needs to learn how to pose, he can take lessons from me because I'm a pro.  It was a very nice day!
Time to make more gift bags and get some book orders ready!  Maybe I'll do that tomorrow and go to bed now - wouldn't want to start burning that candle at both ends again!

Bedtime Rudy

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Many Ups...One Big Down

Besides the weather being up and down, this week was full of many events.  Interest in my new book even before the official release party is going  pretty well.

We had a children's program on Wednesday morning.  That was lots of fun.  Many people showed up to hear "What's On My Nose?"  It was tough for Mommy to do the program because we got some very sad news the night before.  But she made it through and no one was the wiser.

We found out a precious little boy named Hunter unexpectedly went to heaven.  Mommy and Daddy met him right before Christmas in 2008 when they were visiting a Pediatric Dialysis Unit.  He had an effervescent personality!  Mommy has thought of him often and was looking forward to giving him my new book.  It was quite sad to hear the news.  We had just had an update about him at the end of March.  So it has been a difficult week - even though we had many "ups."

We look forward to celebrating Daddy's Day tomorrow!  Boomer and I got Daddy a special present and I know he will love it.  The weather should be nice and sunny, so we will have lots of time to play outside!

I included a slide show from the children's event this week.  Hope you enjoy it.

Have fun tomorrow.  Go Twins!  As you can tell - I'm from Minnesota, because I love to talk about the weather and I like the Minnesota Twins baseball team.

Rudy the Poodle that loves his Daddy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Boomer's Special Diet... Crazy Weather, Sports, Sports, Sports

We think Boomer! has decided he should have a special diet since I have one.  He doesn't understand that I need it, just that it's new food!  He is very sensitive to everything going on around here.  Usually labs (Boomer! is a yellow lab) will eat anything in front of them, but not my brother.  He watches me to make sure I'm eating, then he will start.  The last few days he didn't like his food, I don't blame him - he's had the same kind for a year!  Time for a change.  As soon as he tried a new flavor, he was chowing down!  So Boomer! has a "new" diet too.  We are great brothers and get along well.  No shortage of love in our house!

Is the weather crazy all over the country?  It sure is in Minnesota.  Last week we were 95 - 103 degrees then the temperature dropped 40 degrees!  CRAZY!  It was nice today so Boomer! and I could play with our friends Hobey (who was on vacation) and Bear's cousins Winnie and Willie.  It was a puppy party!  Mommy and Daddy had checkups today - no big deal - Wednesday we have a children's program.  That should be lots of fun!

We hope to hear from some places soon about the new book and we'll continue promoting/marketing.  Mommy might start another book soon.  Lots of things to do - lots of fun!  Plus all kinds of sports too!  Mommy loves sports!  I do too.

Rudy the poodle with many interests

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot Dogs - I'm Not Talking About the Kind with Mustard! Other Stuff.

Wow!  It was 103 degrees yesterday!  We were the warmest city in the nation.  Boomer! and I got our exercise inside by wrestling, running back and forth, Boomer! chased his tail, and I danced.  When we had to we went outside to "take care of business," then hurried back in and filled up on water.

We went to a graduation party this weekend.  It was fun.  I think the next time Boomer! or I go for puppy school, we should have a graduation party.  We could have all our friends over and do tricks for them!  I think that sounds like a great time!

Boomer! had a vet visit to get his vaccines.  He weighs 68.8 pounds!  He is a big boy!  But he is still my little brother!  Thankfully he knows it too, or I might get squished - YIKES!

Auntie Wendy finished a video she taped at my book release party for "What's On My Nose?"  That was a fun night!  I thought I would share it with you.  Hope you enjoy it.

We are working on my new book now "Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine" and preparing for a couple of programs coming up soon.

I love sharing my news with everyone!  I hope you enjoy it too!

Rudy the hot dog poodle (no mustard, please!)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Big Deliveries

The books are here!  The books are here!  I'm so excited, because my books are here!  If you could see me now, you'd know I was dancing.  I am so excited!  We've been waiting for a while.  And they look good.  Plus - we had another delivery that makes me very happy.  We ordered some special treats I can eat called "Gentle Snackers."  They are allowed on my special kidney diet, and I LOVE them!  I got two packages in the mail today.  Lucky me!

So today was a very happy day.  We played outside, but with the temperature being over 90 and lots of humidity, I couldn't stay out very long.  Mommy and I have to pay attention to that because of our kidneys.  We are both little and can get dehydrated quickly. 

Rudy the lucky well hydrated cute little poodle

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hooray Sunshine!...Happy Anniversary!

The sunshine has returned so we can spend more time in our backyard having fun and adventures.  Boomer! and I like to run back and forth to find new things.  Today Boomer! found a plastic bag and some cardboard.  (The wind tends to blow strange things into our yard.)  I like to sniff new flowers, bushes, and stones just in case they're different.  Once in a while I find an interesting patch of grass I like to roll on.  I love the feeling of grass on my back, especially if there's a little smell to it.

Next we go over to the trees and look up at the birds.  There are many birds in our yard - some of them make really funny noises and look a bit odd.  The birds fascinate Boomer!  He stares at them for a long time.  I usually move on to the middle of the yard to investigate any new sounds.  Sometimes I hear dogs barking; I always return the bark so they know I'm here.  If any neighbors are out I will dance for them.  My favorite activity is playing Follow the Leader with Daddy and sometimes Mommy.  I learned that lesson in puppy school.  Sunshine is beautiful and feels good!

Mommy and Daddy celebrated their anniversary today.  I'm not sure what that is - I guess it's kind of like a birthday because it's celebrated once a year.  Maybe Boomer! and I can have an anniversary, I'll have to think about it and do more research.

Word is I'll have my new books in my paws on June 3rd!

Rudy the backyard exploring, sunshine loving poodle!