Saturday, January 24, 2015

Our Friend Hobey Baker

Last week, a very dear friend and neighbor went to Heaven.  Hobey Baker was a very wonderful boy who loved to run and rarely barked.  He's a lot like me.  We also have being mellow and loving our family in common.  We loved to run the fence line together and he was the fastest of all of us.  He was very special to brothers Rudy, Ringo and me.  We will miss him very much.

Hobey had a tough start to his life, but was so lucky to be adopted by his people who gave him the TLC he needed and deserved.  He came from the Red Lake Reservation, where he spent most of his time outside.  When his people adopted him, he had a badly infected leg.  They got him the medical attention necessary and saved the leg!

Like my brother, Rudy, his life on Earth was far too short.  He loved life and touched the hearts of many.  We knew his people loved hockey because of Hobey's name.  Hobey Baker was named after a college hockey player from a long time ago.  They have a trophy named after him that they give out to the best college hockey player every year.  The name really fits our friend, Hobey Baker - because he's the best!

We included the link to little video of Hobey enjoying his Christmas present from us this year.  What a happy boy!  We love you, Hobey!

Boomer! the Mellow Yellow Lab

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Parallel Lives

Hello everyone!  For this entry, I have asked Mommy to be our guest blogger.  She has written a piece that I thought might interest all of you.  I have also included a link* to a 4 minute video that Daddy made called "Everything Happens for a Reason."  I hope you enjoy.  I'll be back next time.
Boomer the Mellow Yellow Lab

Recently in the news, I heard about a woman named Amy Purdy, a paralympic bronze medallist and contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.”  At the age of 19, she had meningitis, which caused the loss of her legs below the knee and ultimately a kidney transplant 2 years later.

I can’t help but wonder if 19 isn’t a mysterious age where cataclysmic events occur?  My life somewhat parallels that of Amy.  Instead of losing my legs, I lost my eyes.  I too had meningitis, but mine triggered Type I (juvenile) diabetes.  Like Purdy, my life changed dramatically at 19, when I lost my sight after a 5-month struggle.  At 31 I had my first kidney transplant.  I also had a pancreas transplant at 39, and another kidney transplant at 45.  Amidst all of the transplants, other health issues intruded.

Unfortunately, I am still trying to earn my “medal” and haven’t been on DWTS (although I’d love it!)  I am trying to stand “On My Own Two Feet” (title of Amy's book) by also being an author.  I pen the children’s series, “Rudy’s Little World” and currently have 6 published books about a variety of atypical subjects.  I also speak to audiences of all ages and sizes, sharing my story and proving you can overcome challenges! Again, like Amy Purdy, I don’t let challenges keep me from obtaining my goals.  I also believe everything happens for a reason.

*Everything Happens for a Reason link