Monday, November 21, 2016

We're Back

The last time we wrote, the weather was in the mid-60's.  Wake up call for us - yesterday it didn't get above freezing all day.  We have definitely turned the corner towards winter!  I do like this time of year - my Frisbee flies nicely (when the wind isn't gusting) and there are great smells in the air.

Many of you know Mommy had surgery a few weeks ago.  She is recovering well, just a couple set backs.  That is normal for Mommy because Daddy says she pushes herself too hard.  Mommy said we were the best nurse pups ever and we really took good care of her.  When Mommy was being wheeled to the recovery room, a funny thing happened.  The surgeon told her the surgery had gone smoothly.  Mommy was still a bit sedated and responded, "Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy?"  The nurse laughed.  The surgeon chuckled, saying, "or Jif if you prefer."  We don't think he got the Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" reference, but that's all right.

Ringo and I are feeling great.  We get our playtime especially on weekends when we can play longer at lunch.  We also have plenty of snuggle time in a nice cozy house.

If you live in America, you've probably heard about the election.  Ringo thinks I should run for President next time.  A few people have agreed with him, so I will consider throwing my hat in the ring in 2020.  I wore one of Daddy's ties to see if I could pull off the diplomatic look and I think it works.  It's my power tie and it gives me power!

The last couple weeks, our book orders have really picked up.  That makes us both happy and excited!  We like helping others understand different subjects.

We have started adding a few dates to our calendar, but we always have room for more.  So far, we have a Donate Life event in December, a children's program/family picnic on January 6th, another children's program in mid January and one more children's program in June.  We tentatively have a school event scheduled in May, but no final date yet.  Yes, we are booking that far out!  Please keep us in mind, if you ever need a program or speaker.  We do both children and adults!

This is a busy holiday season - we really didn't celebrate Halloween because of the surgery.  We always recognize Veteran's Day in honor of Daddy, and the other service people.  It will be Thanksgiving in a couple of days.  I like that holiday, it smells so good!  In another month, it will be Christmas - WOW!  Oh, that's right, little bro, Ringo's birthday is on December 22nd.  He will be 3!

Boomer the Mellow Yellow Lab