Monday, August 27, 2012

Better Health All the Way Around

It's probably good that the weather will be too hot to run around much this week.  My back is better, but I'm supposed to take it easy for another week.  It is very hard.  I almost jumped off the top of the deck today.  Daddy looked at me and said, "Don't you dare." So I didn't.  I had to jump at the bottom step though.  It felt good.

Boomer! is feeling better too.  He hasn't eaten any more ponytail holders or tiny apples.  He is a puppy vacuum cleaner; we need to watch him constantly.

Our even Saturday at Lake Minnetonka was fun.  Mommy and Daddy met a lot of dogs.  There was a puppy parade with costumes.  I included a slide show of pictures.  I hope you enjoy this funny visual.  They are almost as cute as Boomer! and me.

In my next blog, I will have a link to the latest part of our big project.  It is very exciting!

Monday is Labor Day so I am working very hard!

Rudy the Short and Sweet Poodle

Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Yesterday was an exciting day in our house.  I got a good report from my doctor.  She said my back was starting to heal and the lab numbers they were concerned about are better.  I will need to stay calm for a while longer to give my back more time to heal, but that's alright.  It's hard because I need to entertain my friends.  I will also continue to take my new medicine and have the IV fluids.

The people at the doctor's office love me!  Whenever I am scheduled to come in, they write my name on the board and draw little hearts around it.  A doctor in Chicago has also taken an interest in my case, so he'll keep an eye on it.

We finished part one of our project.  It's a Book Trailer for "Rudy Gets A Transplant."  Daddy did a fabulous job.  He is very artistic and smart.  Part two will be done shortly.  I have included a link to the first part so you can have a look.  It's only 2.5 minutes long - that's a very good time frame.

We solved a fascinating mystery late last night.  Mommy was missing a pony tail holder.  It just vanished!  Late last night, Boomer! had a tummy ache.  Within a few minutes - up it came.  No more tummy ache for Boomer!  Also no more pony tail holder for Mommy.  Boomer! feels better now.  End of mystery.

We are off to a fair for dogs tomorrow at Lake Minnetonka.  Our friends are going to a book fair in Hackensack.  Good luck to all of us!  I'll share details next time!  Enjoy the weekend and our book trailer!

Rudy the Mystery Solving Poodle

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not a Bad Week

The last week has gone by very quickly.  What we did, I'm not quite sure.  Here are a few updates:

Boomer's birthday was a lot of fun.  We gave him a new Frisbee.  It is almost as big as me, so I stood by and watched him play with it.  He was very excited and I was happy.  The weather has been beautiful, giving us more time outside.

Daddy took me to the doctor.  I am on a new medicine for my kidneys.  My back is doing better, but I still need to limit my activity for a while.  It is hard!

Mommy is prepping for our event next weekend - and Daddy is still working hard on our new project.

Our San Francisco You Tube is almost up to 700 views!  We think that is fabulous and very exciting.  That might be close to viral!  At least in my little world it is.

We look forward to spending more time outside.  The snow will be falling sooner than we can imagine.  We'll enjoy it while we can.

Rudy the Happy Poodle

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympics Inspired ER Visit and Boomer's! Birthday

First of all, tomorrow is my little brother's birthday.  Happy birthday Boomer!  You are a great little brother.

I love the Olympics.  My family has been watching them on TV.  It would be fabulous to go to the Olympics and maybe even win a medal.  It would be awesome to hear the crowd cheer.

I practiced my long jump, high jump, 50 meter dash and gymnastics.

Early Saturday morning, I didn't feel good.  Mommy and Daddy were very worried.  We didn't know what happened.  Not knowing what it was, Daddy brought me into the ER.  The doctor checked me out very carefully.  I didn't want to be touched because of the pain.  Our first concern was that it might be internal because of my kidney condition.  It ended up being a slipped disc!

The doctor said no jumping, hopping, running or dancing for a month!  That is really hard and confusing for Boomer!  Mommy and Daddy have been working hard at keeping me calm and quiet as I started to feel better.  I have medicine in case the pain is extreme, but I don't like it.

I will miss entertaining my friends for the next couple weeks.  We will adjust to this temporary status.

For the rest of this Olympics I will just be watching - not participating.  It will still be fun.

No Medals this time, Rudy
P.S. Thank you Mommy and Daddy for cheering my name.