Thursday, October 24, 2013

Short and Sweet

Here it is!  Daddy made a fabulous slide show of this year's Kidney Walk.  We can't thank the walkers and donors enough for their support, encouragement and spirit.  As you will see, everyone had a great time!

Other news of note: the weather is freezing!  There were a few scattered snow flakes in the sky yesterday.

We were accepted in to a book fair taking place on November 16.  I will write more about that as we get closer to the event.  I am sending Mommy and Daddy to be our representatives.  Mommy can talk to the people and Daddy can see to count money, so I think they make a good team.

Since I said this blog would be short and sweet, I will bid a fond adieu (that's French for good bye for now).  It just dawned on me, short and sweet describes Rudy.  I guess he's never far from our minds and hearts.

Boomer! the Mellow Yellow Lab

Friday, October 18, 2013

Poodle Pride

Many thanks to Rudy's Little Walkers.  So sorry for the delay in writing this blog.  I wanted to write sooner, but Mommy and Daddy were out of town.  They didn't think I'm responsible enough to have the computer password, so I had to wait until they got home.

Saturday, October 12th was the annual Kidney Walk for the NKF.  It was a cool, windy day but no snow or rain!  The weather was quite accommodating for our activities.  We did a lot of walking, running and dancing, so the breeze kept us from overheating.

Rudy's Little Walkers were well represented with 27 people and two dogs named Barkley and Romeo.  Barkley came dressed as a biker and Romeo was a hot dog.  Very cute!  Our people representatives were of all ages.

I think our team was the best because we had the most spirit.  Everyone was very excited and energetic.  We walked in a big group and if people got separated we waved our pom poms so they could find us.

There were a bunch of the local sports team mascots that led the crowd in a warm up dance called the "Cupid Shuffle."  Mommy tried to show our group how to do it before they started.  She loves to dance.  It is a dream of hers to be part of a group dance flash mob.  She says it's on her "bucket list."

There was a great "Fun Zone" for the kids to enjoy.  Three great teens named Grace, Sophia and Kathryn painted an awesome picture what will be auctioned off at an event this spring.  Mommy and Daddy hope to bid on it.  They made a picture of dear Rudy and it was so touching.

A super young lady named Anna made bracelets to sell to raise money for the NKF.  She made 50 bracelets and sold them for 50 cents each.  She donated the $25.  What a thoughtful young lady.  I thought it was awesome!

Daddy is making a slide show, so I'll post that soon.

Our little Rudy was so proud of his team.  He was there in spirit and I know he was dancing all day!

Nobody knew this, but Mommy had a photo of Rudy she carried in the pocket of her hoodie.  She touched it from time to time all day so she definitely felt his presence.

Many thanks to our team for supporting us.

Rudy's Little Walkers raised $2045.00 for the NKF.
There were 3500 participants that raised $262,000.00!

Boomer! the Mellow Yellow Lab