Monday, June 30, 2014

The Arrival of Summer

I know the calendar says June 30, but if you have seen the news you know the crazy weather we've had.  It seems like most of Minnesota is under water.  All of the lakes and rivers are over flood stage.  My big back yard had a lake in it for a while.  It was hard to play Frisbee.

I have to commend Mommy and Daddy.  Despite the weather, they have managed to take a walk every night for over a month.  I am still practicing in the backyard and hope to go with them soon.  I am very protective of Daddy and tend to get nervous when we are away from our house and people get too close to him.

Mommy had a minor set back, but she is not letting it slow her down.  She hurt her foot a couple of weeks ago.  Of course she didn't go to the doctor right away because she feels she wastes enough of her life there already.  Well, after a week, it was really swollen, discolored and had a big hump on top.  I kept giving it magic kisses to help it heal, but it didn't help.  Long story short, it's a bad sprain.  She is wearing a boot, elevating it and icing it three times a day.  If it doesn't get better in another week, she has to do an MRI for possible fracture.  With the boot, she has a limp.

We started Daddy's celebration for his 60th birthday!  He has plans with many friends, so it will be great fun.  Mommy will take him out for "Happy Birthday Fun Day" on July 5th - his official birth date.  Daddy and Mommy have great friends!  I have a surprise for him, too!

Boomer the Mellow Yellow Lab

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Daddy's Day

Short and sweet.  Happy Daddy's Day!  We thought we'd snap two quick photos to celebrate the day.  This is Augie (octopus), Doggie (me!) and Doggie Daddy.

Boomer! the Mellow Yellow Lab

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


We will never claim to know the secret to success, but when it happens... it is sweet!

Our book release party was a real celebration.  Nearly 100 people attended and enjoyed a delicious cake, great chicken wings, fruit and vegetables.  Mommy and Daddy were so busy, they didn't have a chance to eat, but they were told the food was really good.  They did bring some cake home and are enjoying the white cake with raspberry filling delight.  Yum yum!

Mommy was so overwhelmed by the response of the people, she could hardly talk.  She doesn't get that way very often. :)  She pulled it together and introduced the Rudy's Little World team to the audience.  Daddy took over when it was time to debut our new book, "What's it Like in Heaven, Rudy?"  We think everyone liked the book.  Mommy really put her heart and soul into it.  Chris, our illustrator, did a fabulous job with the pictures.

Book sales were amazing.  We even sold a few mugs and T-shirts.  Chris handled the signing like a real pro, so they kept the line moving very well.  It's not good to make people wait too long!

Daddy and Mommy were so tired when they got home, they just ate Taco Bell and collapsed.  They still had big smiles on their faces.  We can't thank our fabulous fans enough for all their support.  They made it the best launch ever!

While writing this blog, it dawned on me.  Maybe the secret to success depends on how one measures it.  Is it the number of books sold?  The number of lives touched?

Many writers won't tackle the subjects we do because they are too hard.  We have never been afraid of that.  We have met many people and made a number of friends during our journey.  Is that success?

Rudy the Mellow Yellow Lab