Monday, January 23, 2017

Playing Through the Pain

The New Year started with much excitement and anticipation.  After last year, we hoped for a medical issue free one.  Mommy had been having some back pain, but it wasn't slowing anyone down.  Daddy and Mommy went to a comedy show on New Year's Eve.  They saw a man named Louie Anderson. He is from Minnesota and always does a show here on New Year's Eve.  He is also on TV and does many shows around the country.

New Year's Day was fairly quiet. We all just hung out at home and watched football. Mommy's back was starting to feel worse, so she rested.

On January 4, her pain was so bad, it was making her chest and throat hurt, too. It was getting hard for her to breathe and swallow. Finally, Daddy called the doctor and they said to take Mommy to the ER.  Away they went. Ringo and I were very concerned and a little bit scared.

They spent a lot of time there, did some tests (EKG, X-ray, Blood) and determined it was just badly sprained. No fractures, heart concerns or anything major. The doctor gave her some medicine to help with the pain.

While she was trying to recover, she has kept up with our commitments.  We had two great children's programs.  One was part of family picnic storytime.  It was very cold (below zero), so the crowd was limited. The other program was just a storytime, that was awesome!  50 to 55 people showed up. WOW! We love doing children's programs.  The kids all love to share their lives, we sing songs, read our books and eat cookies!

We have another event on Feb. 4th. It is a community outreach in Minneapolis.

Last Saturday, Daddy and Mommy went to a concert that featured songs by the Beatles.  That is a band that played many years ago. They loved it!  Mommy had to rest the next day because of her back. We are trying everything we can to help her get better. She is trying hard to "limit her activity," but it is difficult for her - she tries to stay busy and help.  That is called, "playing through the pain." We hope she doesn't have to do it for much longer.