Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Value of One

Sometime in the spring of 2006, one woman decided to share stories about her little poodle.  Thus began Rudy's Little World.  When  it comes right down to it, one could say this little world actually began on July 9, 2004, when an energetic little guy named Rudy bounced into our home and hearts.  Instantly, he impacted lives and hearts forever.  Who knew the affect little Rudy would have on the big world.

Although the writing began in 2006, ideas came from years of personal experiences in the lives of Rudy and Mommy.

It was decided at an early stage in the adventure to cover difficult but interesting subjects that would help inform and educate people including children.  That was our mission.

After five books (there might be a sixth) has been visited by every continent but Antarctica.  Rudy's books are shared in the three continents of: North America, Europe and Australia.  This includes the countries of the United States, Canada, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Australia.  People in 48 of the 50 United States have at least one or two Rudy books.  We have been from coast to coast sharing our little world with groups that range in size from 7 to 900 and ages 18 months to 80 years.
  • We hoped we could educate and positively affect others.  In return many have affected our lives and hearts.
  • A young girl reading aloud to find out what's on Rudy's nose.
  • Another young girl losing her sight who wanted to meet Mommy & give her a poem that said "You are so cool."
  • A group of nine year old boys labelled as behaviorally challenged that were so sweet and attentive, they asked questions like: "Do you move with the Earth?" - "Where are the kidneys on a shark?" - and "Have you ever tried glasses?" You see, Mommy is blind.
  • Young children who have decided they want to become authors because they have seen Rudy's presentation.
  • A little Daisy Scout who cried in Mommy's arms as she shared the recent loss of her furry friend.  After their talk, the scout decided to name her new girl puppy "Ruby" in honor of Rudy (who is a boy).
  • Twenty eight children who squealed when they found out they would receive a free "Rudy" book.
  • A mother telling her child "You see this name? (autographed book)  This is what makes the book special."
  • A mother telling her daughter "You have one kidney."  Little girl, "Did I donate one?"  Mother, "No, you were born with only one."  Girl, "Oh.  Well I only need one."
  • A little boy who still feels like a "Rock Star," because he is mentioned in one of my brother Rudy's books.
  • A twenty six year old PKD dialysis patient who finally has a book (Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine) he can read and understand himself.
  • People so touched by our story they cry and stand to applaud.
  • Others walk up to us and hug us with gratitude.
  • The Mother of a young disabled girl that saw Mommy and Daddy present, and for the first time in her life - realized with great relief that her daughter would also find a true love one day, too.
Who would ever imagine one little poodle in one little family in one little world could have reached so many people in so many places?

Boomer! One Mellow Yellow Lab

Sunday, July 14, 2013

How Many Lives does a Mommy Have?

I think my mommy is part cat.  Why do I make that statement?  If the old saying, "a cat has nine lives" is true - my mommy must be part cat.  If my count is correct, Mommy is on her fourth life and that does not included the times, for instance - November 1983, when the doctors said she wouldn't make it.

Her first life started on March 7, 1964, when Mommy was born.  The second was on May 9, 1995, when Auntie Tammy donated a kidney to Mommy.  The gift gave her another life.

Her third life began on December 4, 2003, after an anonymous non-living donor gave Mommy a pancreas.  Now Mommy has a new pancreas, and that cured her diabetes as well.

On July 16, 2009, Daddy donated a kidney, so Mommy could have another kidney transplant.  Without it, she wouldn't be here.  Because of the generosity of these three donors, Mommy is now on her fourth life.  Wow!  I always thought she had to be part puppy because of my brothers and me, but she has to be part cat, too!

With all of the donated organs, I would say she is part of a lot of living beings.  Life is amazing; we are more connected than we can imagine.  Think about it.

Boomer! the mellow yellow lab

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Celebrating Daddy

Wow!  Another day to celebrate Daddy.  Last month we had Happy Daddy's Day and this weekend was Happy Birthday Daddy Day.  The night before his birthday, everyone shoots off fireworks.  Mommy told me that is to celebrate the birthday of our country, but I think it is to kick off Daddy's Birthday.  I believe everyone knew Daddy would be awesome when he was born.

We sang the "Happy Birthday" song several times throughout the day.  I do not sing well, but I do bark and wag my tail in time to the music.  I just know Rudy is dancing in heaven.  It is great fun!  Mommy took Daddy out for dinner and had a good meal.

Boomer! the Mellow Yellow Lab

Daddy's Steak!
Mommy and the Birthday Boy

Mommy's Shrimp - MMMMMM!