Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We're Ready!

Since it is Fall and the new school year has started, we have kicked off our new season of Programs and Events.  Mommy is still rehabbing her foot, but can wear special shoes and doesn't need crutches!  With Mommy's progress, we felt comfortable scheduling again and are continuing to book more!

In preparation for the new season, we promoted little bro, Ringo to Junior Writer.  He will still be under my supervision and all final decisions will be made by Mommy or Daddy.  Ringo was excited to begin his responsibilities and expand his writing skills.  Look forward to more words from Ringo!

We also got a card reader, so we can accept credit and debit cards!  A new banner now dons our book table at events.  It looks really nice!  Daddy added a new calendar of upcoming events to our web site so everyone can track our movements!

We had a fabulous children's program today called "Storytime with Stacy" at the Pleasant Hill Library in Hastings.  Several delightful youngsters were eager to hear Mommy's talk, listen to Daddy read two stories and they taught us a new song called, "Open, Shut, Open, Shut."

We read "What's On My Nose?" and "Rudy's Check Up."  We figured these two were good choices for this time of year.  Since it's coming up to cold and flu season, it is a good time to learn about what happens at a doctor's office (Rudy's Check Up).  If you have ever read, "What's On My Nose," you'll know why that was a good choice!  A hint, there is a beautifully colored leaf in the story!  We will include some pictures from today's event with this blog.  We hope you enjoy!  Aren't they cute?

So far, we have two more events scheduled.  Another children's program will be held at the Heritage Library in Lakeville on Friday, October 16 at 10:30.  Please join us, if you can!  We always have a good time!

In November, we are participating in a Local Author Book Fair.  It will be on Saturday, November 14 from 1:00 to 4:00 at the Western Service Center Atrium in Apple Valley.  It's a perfect opportunity to meet authors and have them sign your books.  Don't forget, Christmas will be right around the corner....

While Mommy and Daddy are out and about, Ringo and I like to enjoy this beautiful weather!  We play as much as we can outside - chasing leaves as they fall off the trees and also squirrels collecting acorns.  We also get the Frisbee, football and tennis ball out for a few rounds!

Happy Fall!

Boomer the Mellow Yellow Lab

Saturday, September 12, 2015


It is with deep sadness that we share the news of our dear friend, Ali Gratz, suddenly and quietly passing away in her sleep on September 9, 2015.  Ali was the illustrator of our first book, "Rudy Gets A Transplant," and will always be a very important member of the Rudy's Little World family.

At age 11, Ali drew illustrations that were charming and thoughtful. Having been through a kidney transplant herself, she was able to convey a child's perspective to a difficult subject.  Ali captured Rudy's spirit and added a calming quality to the book that helped take some of the fear away.  She inspired other children to try their hand at illustrating.

Ali experienced more in her 19 years than most, struggling with lifelong kidney disease (FSGS), but had a love of life and lived every day to the fullest.  Some of her favorite words: LIFE, LOVE, HOPE and JOY.

Her motto's included: "Look forward."  "Never give up."  "Make someone smile."  "Always take time to get goofy and silly."  "Do something for others."

Ali dealt with her health challenges by showing care, consideration and compassion to others.  She will live on in the hearts of many all over the world.  We thank Ali for sharing her extraordinary talents with us and thank her for teaching us all how to make the most of every day.  Time is precious.  Cherish it.

Class of 2014