Monday, December 26, 2011

Believe It or Not

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  We had a lot of people (and puppies) visiting this year.  On Christmas Eve we had 3 puppies in our house, 4 to the left and 2 on the right!  A festive puppy party would be an under-statement!

The weather has been CRAZY, but I'm not complaining.  Today it was 52 degrees.  That may not sound high, but I live in Minnesota and the normal temperature is 26.

We are putting the finishing touches on our next book, "Rudy O'Tooty" and then it is off to the printers.  It should be ready by March!

Mommy and Daddy are going to San Francisco in a few weeks.  Boomer! and I will probably visit the puppy hotel.  Maybe I will get my haircut, too.  I need it, although the extra length does keep me warm when we're outside:  I haven't used my jacket yet.

I seem to be a bit behind on my blogs, so just in case, "Happy New Year!"  May your 2012 be even better than 2011.

Cozy Rudy the Puppy Party Poodle

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rudy's Little World is International!

We had our first international order this week!  It was only two books, but it is a start.  We also learned a lot about international shipping.  Daddy said it probably would have been faster just to drive it there, but you can't put a price on the educational opportunity, right?

The books went to a place called Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.  That is close to Minnesota.  One friend said we will have to have a Canadian version of the Rudy books, he suggested, "I'm Rudy the cute poodle, eh." :)

Mommy had a bad tummy ache Saturday all day, so Boomer! and I were very careful.  She is better now and can eat again.

Christmas is coming up very fast and there is so much to do.

Progress on the new book is steady.  We hope to make our end of the year deadline.  Daddy is doing a great job on the lay out.  He is very creative!

All of the snow in our backyard melted.  I like the warmer temperatures.  This will be Boomer's first brown Christmas, but I don't think he has noticed!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Happy Holidays no matter what you celebrate!

Jolly Rudy, eh! (I guess that does sound different!)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wee Ones

Our neighbor Hobie hasn't been outside lately.  We found out he had surgery and needs to take it easy.  We are glad he will feel better soon and we will play in the snow.

Mommy and Daddy had a story time at the Hastings Library last week.  It was an audience they didn't have before and weren't sure if they would be able to keep their attention.  The group - 18 months to 4 years old!  Twelve wee ones came to the program.  It was adorable!  Did Mommy and Daddy keep their attention?  Definitely!  It was great.  Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine was a hit!  Perhaps the children didn't understand all the words and message, but the parents/care givers did!

During Daddy's reading of the story, Owen (a toddler just learning to walk) wobbled over to Mommy's chair.  He put his hand on Mommy's lap, went around her chair and then under it.  It was so cute!  When handing out the gift bags to the other kids, Owen "helped."

At the end of the program, a 3 or 4 year old boy emphatically shouted, "I like it!"  Mommy responded, "I'm glad you like it, that makes me happy!"  Lots of laughs and giggles, conversation and a song about cutting down a Christmas tree performed by a small day care group.  What more could you ask for?  Does the word precious come to mind?  I think so!

Wee Rudy the Precious Poodle

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Too Cute!

On Tuesday, Mommy and Daddy attended a Daisy Troop meeting.  Daisies are 6 or 7 year old Girl Scouts.  They want to use some of their cookie money to buy books for children in hospitals.  We think that is very generous and thoughtful.

Mommy shared a little about the books and why she/we write them.  The girls took time to read the books and ask questions.  Mommy and Daddy were impressed with their reading skills and interesting questions.

It was adorable hearing the girls read to each other.  We have heard individual children read one of our books before, but never a room full!  It was great!  They were intrigued by the stories and asked each other questions.  Here is a slide show of the adorable girls.  I hope you enjoy it.

Rudy the proud poodle.
(Maybe I can be an honorary Daisy?)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks

I hope your holiday was fun.  Thanksgiving reminds me of all the things for which I am thankful.  I have a wonderful family.  We all have health that is good and stable.  Even though I have to take medicine and follow a low-protein diet, I am grateful for my Gentle Snackers.  They taste good!  I am also grateful for having a backyard where we can run, explore, play Frisbee and follow the leader.  We have wonderful neighbor puppy friends and can often catch up on our latest news.  I feel blessed to have wonderful vets and doctors that take care of me, my brother and Mommy and Daddy.

I am a busy boy.  I am so grateful for the people that have entered our lives.  I can't say enough about our friends.  It is nice to have support and encouragement that surrounds us daily.  It makes us smile and dance!

I could go on about all the things I am thankful for, but then it would be December!  I will end with one more blessing.  I am thankful to everyone who reads my books and comes to our programs.  We have met some awesome people and enjoy every moment.  We are glad that people enjoy our stories and like to learn about our little world.  We look forward to a fabulous year ahead.

Rudy, the thankful poodle.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's New?

I had my check up this week and everything looks good!  The waiting room was full of people and their furry friends.  I entertained them by dancing, taking myself for a walk and playing tag.  It was fun!

The weather has been cold and windy.  It is dark almost every time we go outside.  I miss the sun!  Boomer! still plays Frisbee, but sometimes losses it in mid air.  Daddy and I chase each other so we can get our exercise.  Once in a while Mommy joins us outside and we take a walk around the yard.  At least we don't have snow yet!

Our new book production is right on schedule.  We saw some of the illustrations and they are very cute.  I can hardly wait!  I will start practicing my song and dance.

Love always,
LLD Rudy (that's Love, Laugh, Dance!)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Little World

We will never sell a million books or be rich and famous in the big world.  In our little world we walk for kidneys, fund raise for animals, share the importance of living donors and transplants and warm a few hearts.  Helping others, meeting new people, making new friends and encouraging others doesn't have a monetary value.  Hearing a challenged reader enthusiastically sound out words to find out what's on my nose all by herself - that's priceless.

Mommy and Daddy participated in a fund raiser to help Amazing Animal Advocates.  We sold 25 books and donated all proceeds to them.  Daisy and Loki (Now called Buddy) were the guests of honor.  A good time was had by all!  Here's a link to the event's slide show.

Rudy the philosophical poodle

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Nice Review and Helping Furry Friends

We have had a busy week!  I hope everyone had a great Halloween.  It was quiet around here.  If our neighborhood had trick or treating for dogs, it would be crazy!  Everyone has puppies, but not many young children anymore.

We received a nice review from an executive board member of the National Kidney Foundation.  They are for Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine and Rudy Gets A Transplant.  She had a transplant and Chronic Kidney Disease for 40 years!

We are going to help some puppies on November 8th!  Daddy read our local newspaper on Sunday and we saw an interesting story about an organization called "Amazing Animal Advocates."  They help animals who are extremely abused, and often need medical care.  One story about a Terrier named Daisy really touched Mommy's heart.

Mommy called the woman right away.  They are having a fundraiser on Tuesday November 8th.  The woman knew who we were!  She read our books in the local library.  We are going to sell our books and donate the proceeds to this wonderful charity.

I'm so happy.  I hope we can help a lot of animals!

Rudy the Philanthropic Poodle (Wow - that's a Daddy word - I don't EVEN know what it means!!)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bye Bye Leaves - Hello Julia Roberts!

The leaves are gone!  Mommy raked them away from the house and fence line (that's called the perimeter).  Daddy raked the middle and put all the leaves into bags.  Boomer! and I helped.  We were good spectators!  I sat on the deck or under a big tree.  Both places gave me a closer view of Daddy and Mommy.  Boomer! ran back and forth, but stayed out of the way most of the time.

Mommy only got lost once.  She had one close call, but used the rake to find her way back.  I kept an eye on her, just in case!

Daddy is very strong; he lifted bags that were bigger than three of me! (Or half a Boomer!)

We received a nice recommendation last week.  It was from Julia Roberts.  She is not the actress, but another very nice woman who has two children with kidney disease.  I included the link in case you would like to read it.

Hope you enjoy, we did!

Raking Rudy

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Kidney Walk

The Kidney Walk on Saturday was a big success!  Approximately 2,000 people and several puppies raised $275,000.  It was a little cold and windy, but no rain or snow!  I've included a slide show so you can see all the fun!

Boomer! and I finally had our hair cuts.  We look very cute!  They put pink bandannas around our necks.  The company is donating 10 percent of all their haircut money to help fight breast cancer.

Mommy and Daddy both had their yearly check ups this week.  It is important to have a check up every year.  Boomer! and I had our check ups already.

Many leaves cover our back yard.  It's fun to run through them!  It will take a long time to rake them up this weekend.  I think it would be great to leave them there, but Daddy said he needs to collect them.  Maybe somebody else will have fun with the leaves!

Rudy the Pretty Poodle

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's All Good

Boomer! had his yearly check up this week.  The vets said he looks great, but he could lose a little weight.  He looks good to me, but I think he acts a bit odd.  He has been carrying his Frisbee around like it's his new best friend.  I guess that's what little brothers do.  I wonder if I did that when I was younger?

Daddy and Mommy went to the dentist.  No cavities in this house!

I need a haircut!  I look very cute, but my fur is starting to cover my eyes.  I can still dance though!

The weather has been spectacular, so lots of time to practice our walk!  We are geared up for this Saturday.

Rudy the Shaggy Poodle

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mommy Met a Pirate!

October already!  I can't believe it.  Time sails by when you're having fun.  The weather was beautiful this weekend.  Our leaves are gorgeous!  We had lots of fun with our neighbor friends Hobie and Oscar.

Mommy and Daddy went to Rochester for a Book Fair.  They met a real pirate and took a picture to prove it!

We are getting ready for the big Kidney Walk on October 15th.  We have been walking back and forth in our backyard to get in shape!

Last night we got together with our illustrator Michelle.  We talked about my new book.  It's going to be great!  Coming February/March 2012 - Rudy O'Tooty!

Now Boomer! and I are going to play with our toys from Mommy's BFF from New Jersey.  What a great way to end the day.

Shiver Me Timbers! Rudy

Monday, September 26, 2011

Short and Sweet and Here's some Pics!

I had my labs taken today.  And everything is stable.  I don't have to go back for 2 months!  I like to dance and perform for everyone, but I can do that somewhere else.

Here is a slideshow from last weeks Book Launch!  I hope you like it.

Rudy the Steady as she Goes Poodle

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh What A Night

Wow!  Tuesday was very exciting!  It was our big book launch of "Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine."

Mommy and Daddy spent the afternoon setting up the room.  They did all the balloons, tables, books, presentation, refreshments and gift bags.  I stayed home to babysit Boomer!

The Event went very well.  Many people attended and had a good time.  Mommy said it was a relaxing and casual atmosphere.  I think that means it was really fun!  Everyone laughed and asked questions.  The cookies were a big hit with both the kids and adults!

Daddy overheard a conversation at the end of the night.  A mom was walking her daughter to the restroom and told her, "You know, honey - you only have one kidney."  The little girl responded, "Oh."  After a short pause she asked, "Did I donate my other kidney?"  It was such a sweet moment.  It's nice to know that the children both listen and understand.  That's great!  I think every time we share, it makes a difference.

Here's a picture from the party.  Hope you enjoy!

Rudy the party poodle

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's All About the Walk (Mostly)

Less than a week to go until our big party!  We are very excited.  The following Saturday we have a book fair in Rochester.  That should be fun.

On October 15, we have the 2011 NKF Kidney Walk.  It is a very important event.  Kidney disease is all around us.  1 in 9 people have kidney disease (puppies too).  Mommy and Daddy are participating in the walk.  They will represent my team!  I think I will call it "Rudy's Walkers!"

Mommy and Daddy(?) at last years Kidney Walk
We hope it will raise lots of money to help with research and those people with kidney disease.  I recently found out that 382,000 people are on dialysis and 88,000 people are waiting for a transplant.  Those are big numbers!  The need for more kidneys keeps growing, so we need to keep spreading the word.

My family plans on talking about it every chance we get!  Mommy said that she is noticing a slight increase in awareness when she talks to the groups.  (Mommy and Daddy talk to children and adults).  This is good.  We hope for a day when everyone will know about the importance of living donors.  We hope they will find a cure for kidney disease too.  That is why we walk!

Rudy the poodle and his wiggle too!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Friends Old Habits and Fresh Air

Time is flying!  It's just a few more days until our party, so we are busy.

We have a new friend next door.  It is a fluffy little black dog.  I called him "Fluffy."  Recently we found out his name is "Tobie."  He is Hobies housemate.  Hobie and Tobie!  I think that's cute!  We like running back and forth along the fence line and barking at each other.  It has been beautiful weather, so we've had some outdoor time.

In two weeks we will be at a book fair.  That will be fun.  Maybe we will meet lots of new people.  On October 15th is the big Kidney walk!  They are having it in a big place closer to our house this year.  The event got so big, it outgrew Midway Stadium!  I hope many walkers come again this year.  It is a very important cause.  I will talk more about it after our party so I can give you all the details!  For now, I better get back to making gift bags!

All Work and No Play Rudy (not really!)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not so Cuddly Labs Lead to Dance Fever!

I had my labs checked again this week.  They were stable, so I decided to dance!  Mommy joined me, Daddy clapped and Boomer! did circles.  It was fun.  I am a very good dancer.  I have expanded my repertoire.  Now I can do four dances.  My Irish dance is hopping up and down.  When I go from one foot to the other, that's my penguin walk.  My pup aerobics (for those who don't know - that is pumping my front legs up and down) are my style of the hip hop.  Finally my pirouette is ballet.  Wow!  I think I should definitely have my own TV show or at least be on "Dancing With the Stars."

We are still processing book orders.  Switzerland visited our website yesterday and looked around.  Exciting!

Our book launch party is coming up on September 20th.  That will be fun.  We look forward to seeing lots of people.  We hope to see you there!  We think you will enjoy "Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine."  See you soon!

Twinkle Toes Rudy

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rudy's Little World is Getting Bigger

"Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine" is coast to coast!  We have books from California and Washington to Massachusetts and Georgia.  Plus states like Missouri, Ohio and Iowa in between.  WOW!  It's very exciting.  Maybe it will be international someday.  Many countries have visited (Canada, United Kingdom, India and Australia).

We received many emails and Mommy had a couple of really nice phone calls.  Our official book launch isn't until next month.  We are looking forward to it.  Our last book launch was tons of fun.  The best part is people are learning a lot.  Lots of people have said that a book like this was really needed.  I'm glad we could help.

Thanks for reading my blog and for all your support.  We couldn't do it without you!  I know I'm easily excited but that's all right.  I'm going to dance now.  Maybe some day I will get my own TV show like Ellen!

Big Time Rudy the humble poodle

Monday, August 15, 2011

Labs (not the cuddly type)

Both Mommy and I had our levels checked last week.  We looked pretty good.  All of my values were stable (that means the same) except for one.  It was a bit up from last time.  It can do that once in a while, but they want me to take a little more medicine.  My weight is steady at about 11 pounds.  I don't stand still long enough to get an exact read.  I did my dance and tricks so everyone thought I was cute.

Mommy's numbers were good too except for her iron.  It was a bit low, but that is normal for her.  There weren't any signs for long term effects from the heat stroke she suffered last month, so that was good.

We had fun playing outside last weekend.  Our friend Hobie had a little visitor named Oscar.  He is the small white dog I mentioned before.  Hobie and Boomer! had a barking contest.  Oscar and I joined in for a time but couldn't compete.  Boomer! won.  He gets very excited!

The weather is cooler now with less humidity.  I like it!  I think most of us do.  It was a hot summer.  I hope it stays like this - then we can have lots of playtime outside!

My web-site had many "hits" last week.  It was very exciting!  I don't think it went viral yet. (I am smiling).

Rudy the Stable Poodle

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's A Small World

Recently we watched a report about Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.  In January she was critically injured in Tucson.

They were interviewing the Chief of Surgery who treated Ms. Giffords.  Daddy yelled, "That's Dr. Gruesnner!"

Mommy and Daddy have had a lot of experience with Dr. Ranier Gruesnner.  He did 3 surgeries on Mommy while he was practicing at the U of M.  The first was when he removed her gall bladder during the work-up for her first kidney transplant in 1995.  He decided to do the surgery himself (usually a resident would do this minor surgery) so he could do some exploration for a future pancreas placement.  For the kidney transplant in May 1995, Dr. Najarian (Dr. Big Hands) took a kidney out of Auntie Tammy and then Dr. Gruesnner put the kidney into Mommy!

The last time Daddy and Mommy saw him was in 2003.  It was after Mommy's pancreas transplant.  Mommy was very sick with extremely high fevers.  Dr. Gruesnner told them she needed emergency surgery.  Delirious, Mommy said, "Okay, I'll do it if you promise to give me the good stuff so I don't throw up for 3 days after."  (Mommy had trouble with regular anesthesia).  Dr. Gruesnner promised.  Daddy smiled.  Mommy came home in in 3 weeks!

Rudy the Grateful Poodle

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Brother Boomer's Birthday

Today is my little brother Boomer's birthday!  He is two on August 2.  That means it is his golden birthday.  He is also a golden color.  He is pretty.  In fact, he is beautiful!  I am little and cute while he is big and beautiful.  Although we are different in appearance, we are very much alike in other ways.

When we first adopted Boomer! he was very tiny.  He grew very quickly!  He is a good brother.  He rarely barks, only when it is play time or he thinks he needs to protect the family.  He greets all the neighbors every time we go outside.  Boomer! gives tours of the house to our doggy friends.  I think he will be a professional Frisbee player when he's older.  Boomer! runs very fast and with a lot of grace.  He can catch the Frisbee while in mid air!  Amazing!

Boomer! is very gentle with Mommy and me.  He knows he needs to keep his strength in check when he plays with us.  He is very strong and we are not!  He saves the power for play time with Daddy.  He listens very well to Mommy - I think he knows he should because she can't see and worries about us.  Whenever she calls us, he immediately goes to her.  He kind of leads her around too.  He always keeps an eye on me - as I do on him.  We watch out for each other.  He is so smart he has already learned our daily routine and never deviates from it.  It is kind of funny, when we need to change a bit, Boomer! prefers the regular way.  Everything has its time and order.

Boomer! also shares his toys fairly well.  He got two chew toys for his birthday and shares them with me.

Once in a while Mommy and Daddy have to leave.  Boomer! has to be in his "crib" for that time.  (He still likes to counter surf and get into things.)  His "crib" is his bachelor pad.  He is quite comfortable, I like it.  Boomer! knows exactly when to go in it.  Daddy heads to the "treats" and says, "Meet you in the crib!"  and there Boomer! is - waiting!

I am an excellent guide and mentor.  At 2, Boomer! still has many things to learn.  He is so smart, I'm sure he will have no problem.  I love my brother and he loves me.  I think that's the way it should be.  That Rhymes!  Maybe I'm a poet?  Happy Birthday Boomer!  I'm proud of you.

Big Brother Rudy

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nice Summer Made an Appearance

Wow!  I just realized that a blog hasn't been posted for a while!  Sorry about that.  Not much going on around here.  We have had a couple of nice days, but the humidity returned today.  The heat will be coming back tomorrow.  Oh well, at least we had a couple of beauties to enjoy.  Maybe the weather people will be wrong about the forecast.

Playing outside is the greatest!  We have a new Frisbee.  Boomer! catches it more than I do, so it keeps him busy while I investigate the yard.  He pokes me with it from time to time - then I chase him.

Mommy was able to enjoy the weather too.  When she came outside we played "Follow the leader."  I was the leader!  Boomer! bounces back and forth between the Frisbee and us.  Daddy does too because he throws the Frisbee.

We had a nice talk with our illustrator friend.  The Irish Fair is next month.  She has many ideas for "Rudy O'Tooty."  I can't wait!  I'm so excited!  Have a nice night - time for me to go to bed.

Rudy the excitable poodle

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blast from the Past ...... Pretty Puppies!

A few days ago, Boomer! and I got our hair cut.  It was just in time!  We beat the extreme heat and humidity.  Thank goodness!  Boomer! is very soft and has nicely done nails.  I had my hair cut short for the summer.  For those of you that didn't see me before my make over - my hair was very long!  I had a puff on top of my head that was about three inches long.  It was getting so heavy it started tilting to the side.  Daddy called it my "fade."  It was funny.  Now we look good!

Recently Daddy was looking on the Internet.  He saw a story about one of our favorite charities called "Home for Life."  It's a place where animals with health issues can live for the rest of their life when their people can't take care of them because of incompatible homes, etc.

Some dogs have epilepsy, cancer, paralysis, etc.  We noticed one of our old friends from doggy daycare lived there now.  When he was 6 months old, his back legs became paralyzed.  It's never stopped him.  His name is Nike, a 7 year old Husky.  He gets around on a scooter and has a girlfriend!  He has lived there since 2007.

We were so relieved to see him doing well.  "Home for Life" is wonderful!  I'm glad there is a place for animals to live and have the special care they need.  We support them.  Here is a link to check them out if you wish.  It's about Nike.

Rudy the short haired poodle.  (Yes - it's really me!)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Quick Update, a Special Day and the Long Awaited Picture

Weather is very important.  The last 2 days were beautiful.  We spent a lot of time outside - running, playing, visiting with our neighbor Hobie and enjoying the fresh air.  Extreme heat warnings are expected for the weekend, so we will stay inside!

My check-up went well - all levels are stable!  I don't have to go back for a whole month!  Boomer! and I are following our new "diets" very well.

On Saturday, July 16, Mommy and Daddy celebrate the second anniversary of the kidney transplant.  Daddy saved Mommy's life.  He is a super hero - I call him Super Daddy!

I have included the long awaited picture of Daddy wearing his crown while sitting on his throne.

I'm looking forward to getting my haircut on Tuesday.  I really need it!  I'm a shaggy little poodle right now.  We are working on the next book and trying to schedule programs for libraries, schools, groups, etc.  We hope some events will be scheduled soon.  We have a few dates in September, October, and December so far.  We hope to do more in February because it is Minnesota Reads Month and National Donate Life Month is in April.  We'll have to keep spreading the word!  The programs are a lot of fun!  I guess I will sign off as Rudy the Inside Poodle.

Good Night!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is Heat a Four Letter Word?

Since four letter words have four letters, heat would literally qualify as a four letter word.  Lately, heat is a different kind of four letter word.  It has really put a damper on outdoor activities.  Between the temperature and humidity, it has been extremely uncomfortable.  Trips outside have been short so we don't get much exercise.  The heat can also be harmful to some of us.  Mommy has a lot of trouble with high temperatures because of the medicine she takes for her transplants.  Sometimes she gets sick from the heat.  I have to watch my water intake and make sure I get plenty.  I am little and dark so I absorb warmth faster then my brother Boomer!  I have to be extra careful with my condition.

We hope the next two days will be more mild. The following weekend promises another heat wave!  This is why I think heat is a four letter word.

I have a check up scheduled this week.  I'm sure it will be good news.  I'm taking my medicine, eating my special diet (so is Boomer!), and drinking lots of water and enjoying my "Gentle Snackers."  Yum - Yum!

July 16 is a big day in our home.  I'll tell you more about it next time.

Rudy, the heat absorbing poodle

Thursday, July 7, 2011

King Daddy's "Happy Birthday Fun Day!"

Daddy's birthday was "Happy Birthday Fun Day!"  Mommy took Daddy shopping so they could get some things he really wanted for a while.

One of them was called a throne.  I don't know why, but it is actually a stool used to sit on while playing the drums.  Daddy got a set of drums from a co-worker, so he wants to practice playing them.  I guess it is hard to play the drums without sitting down.  He also got some sticks you use to hit the drums.

The other thing he got was a new motorcycle helmet.  It looks spacey!  It is very light and will keep him safe on the road.  I'm happy about that!

Since Daddy now has a throne, I call him "King Daddy!"  I decided his helmet was a crown.  I want to take a picture of him as "King Daddy" sitting on his throne wearing his crown.  I think it would be hilarious.  I'll have to catch him in a weak moment.  I am very cute so I can probably talk him into it.  (I'll keep you posted!)

Other parts of "Fun Day" included lots of eating and singing.  Boomer! and I provided the entertainment.  We have mastered the art of chasing our tail (Boomer!) and dancing (Me!).  A good time was had by all!

Love, Rudy, King Daddy's Little Prince

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday America and Daddy!

I wanted to share my July Tip of the Month.  It's about the Fourth of July, and my awesome daddy:

July is an exciting month.  First of all, we have the Fourth of July.  That celebrates our country's independence.  I don't really like fireworks (like most dogs), but I understand the meaning behind them.  I wish we could just see the pretty lights and not hear the loud noises!
The day after is my daddy's birthday!  When he was young, his mom and dad told him the fireworks were to celebrate his birthday.  As he got older, he found out the real reason, but he didn't mind sharing the celebration with our nation.
A few months ago, Mommy and Daddy went to New Jersey.  When they flew in to the city, they went right over the Statue of Liberty.  Wow!  It was the first time they saw it in person.  Daddy said it was breathtaking.  That means it was really awesome!  On the way home, they flew out at night.  A bridge going into New York City had its arches lit with red, white and blue!  That looked beautiful too.  They felt so lucky to have had that experience.
There are many symbols all over the country that stand for our nation's freedom.  I am very proud to live here!  Have you ever visited any of these sites?
Have a Happy 4th!


P.S.  I attached a link to a slide show from last Wednesday's children's program in Hastings.  Enjoy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

All Things Happy!

Happy is the word of the day.  We have had some good news and fun the last few days.

On Tuesday my level that was elevated last vet visit was retested.  The results came back lower which is good news!  I still have to take my extra medicine for a while, but that's all right.  I get my treat after it!

Mommy and Daddy had a children's program in Hastings.  It was so much fun!  They said many people came and listened to my book.  I stayed home and watched Boomer!  He is too young to be left home alone.  There was a woman from Hastings TV filming Daddy reading my story.  It will be on a show called "Playful Pages."  That's exciting.  A little girl was celebrating her birthday.  She wore a princess crown.  Everyone sang "Happy Birthday!"  I think I will wear a crown on my birthday.  It sounds like fun!

Mommy loves doing programs.  She enjoys meeting all the people and talking about me.  (She must talk about other things too?)

The 4th of July is coming up and then Daddy's birthday!  Maybe he should wear a crown!

It is hot and humid - I bet the next few days will be cooler.  I'm not going to complain - it's better than rain!  I think I can finally get my summer haircut!

I hope you have had a happy time!

The Happy Poodle Rudy

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sounds That Go Thump in the Night

We slept through our Sunday morning alarm again.  This time it was for reasons beyond our control.  Saturday night a local community must have been shooting fireworks.  We could hear the bangs and booms, but we couldn't see the lights in the sky.  Boomer! doesn't know what to think about fireworks, he has had only one 4th of July.  I have had seven.  While he is confused, I know I don't like them.  They are too loud and scare me.

Once we finally settled down, we went to sleep.  I was startled in the middle of the night by a loud noise.  I started barking because of my fear.  Mommy woke up the same time I did; it startled her too.  Mommy comforted me so I would calm down.  Boomer! was walking around in a daze.  (I think he's confused a lot.)  Daddy asked us what was going on.  Mommy told him there was a loud noise that woke us up.

We eventually fell asleep again, but it took a while.  Sunday afternoon was beautiful.  The sun finally made an appearance so Daddy mowed the lawn.  Later, Boomer! and I romped all around the yard.

We have a children's program on Wednesday in Hastings.  It will be lots of fun!  I love it!

Rudy the OMG!  What was that? Poodle

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Being Mellow and Breezy is Good for your Health

It was supposed to be a dry sunny weekend, so it rained all day and the sun never came out!  I hope it will make an appearance tomorrow.  Our big backyard needs a chance to dry out so Daddy can mow the lawn.  Right now I feel like I am walking through a tropical rain forest because I am so short.  Once the grass is cut, I will be able to run very fast.

At one time I thought about becoming a weather puppy, but they are wrong most of the time and I don't like that.  I would not want to be wrong most of the time.  So I will stick to being an author, and superstar!

Friday was a nice day for a few hours.  We really couldn't enjoy the outdoors though because Daddy and I were at the vet.  All of my numbers were good except for one little pesky one.  Now I have to take more medicine and then they will test me again.  Next time I am going to bring in my own sample because they have a hard time collecting one, but Daddy is an expert and knows exactly how to do it.  So we will just keep on going from there. 

I am still following my special diet, and I love my Gentle Snackers!  The vet wants to make sure I don't lose any weight.  Mommy watches me very closely.  Weight is a big deal to her. 

Boomer got some new food, and he likes it. 

We are preparing for our next children's program at Hastings on Wednesday.  And then our schedule doesn't start up again until September.  Mommy would like to fill in a few blanks, so we'll see what happens. 

If it is nice tomorrow, I am going to go outside and dance!  And then I will take myself for a walk.  That seems to make people laugh.  I like to make people laugh.

Best thing we can do right now is try to maintain some stability.  Stress tends to elevate my blood pressure and that is not good.  It also creates stress for Mommy and Daddy.  So around the Waibel household... we are going to be mellow fellows.  And Mommy will be in the corner freaking out.  (Just kidding!)  (not)

Hope your Sunday is actually a Sun Day (ha ha) and we have a beautiful afternoon to enjoy.

Rudy the Mellow Fellow Poodle (I'm so mellow I'm wearing my shades at night!)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day!

There's an old saying, "Burning the candle at both ends."  That means staying up late and getting up early the next morning.  Well, I think we've been doing that a lot around here and yesterday we had to catch up on sleep!  We all slept through our morning alarm.  When Mommy woke up, she quickly got the rest of us going to start our routine.  Boomer! and I ate breakfast, I had my medicine, and we "took care of business."  Daddy was still tired.  Since it was "Daddy's Day" Mommy asked him if he'd like to take a nap.  He did and we slept until lunch!  We've never done that before!  The last time Daddy took a nap was right after surgery when he gave Mommy a kidney for her transplant two years ago.  When we woke up, Boomer! and I gave Daddy his present.  I included a picture - Boomer! needs to learn how to pose, he can take lessons from me because I'm a pro.  It was a very nice day!
Time to make more gift bags and get some book orders ready!  Maybe I'll do that tomorrow and go to bed now - wouldn't want to start burning that candle at both ends again!

Bedtime Rudy

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Many Ups...One Big Down

Besides the weather being up and down, this week was full of many events.  Interest in my new book even before the official release party is going  pretty well.

We had a children's program on Wednesday morning.  That was lots of fun.  Many people showed up to hear "What's On My Nose?"  It was tough for Mommy to do the program because we got some very sad news the night before.  But she made it through and no one was the wiser.

We found out a precious little boy named Hunter unexpectedly went to heaven.  Mommy and Daddy met him right before Christmas in 2008 when they were visiting a Pediatric Dialysis Unit.  He had an effervescent personality!  Mommy has thought of him often and was looking forward to giving him my new book.  It was quite sad to hear the news.  We had just had an update about him at the end of March.  So it has been a difficult week - even though we had many "ups."

We look forward to celebrating Daddy's Day tomorrow!  Boomer and I got Daddy a special present and I know he will love it.  The weather should be nice and sunny, so we will have lots of time to play outside!

I included a slide show from the children's event this week.  Hope you enjoy it.

Have fun tomorrow.  Go Twins!  As you can tell - I'm from Minnesota, because I love to talk about the weather and I like the Minnesota Twins baseball team.

Rudy the Poodle that loves his Daddy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Boomer's Special Diet... Crazy Weather, Sports, Sports, Sports

We think Boomer! has decided he should have a special diet since I have one.  He doesn't understand that I need it, just that it's new food!  He is very sensitive to everything going on around here.  Usually labs (Boomer! is a yellow lab) will eat anything in front of them, but not my brother.  He watches me to make sure I'm eating, then he will start.  The last few days he didn't like his food, I don't blame him - he's had the same kind for a year!  Time for a change.  As soon as he tried a new flavor, he was chowing down!  So Boomer! has a "new" diet too.  We are great brothers and get along well.  No shortage of love in our house!

Is the weather crazy all over the country?  It sure is in Minnesota.  Last week we were 95 - 103 degrees then the temperature dropped 40 degrees!  CRAZY!  It was nice today so Boomer! and I could play with our friends Hobey (who was on vacation) and Bear's cousins Winnie and Willie.  It was a puppy party!  Mommy and Daddy had checkups today - no big deal - Wednesday we have a children's program.  That should be lots of fun!

We hope to hear from some places soon about the new book and we'll continue promoting/marketing.  Mommy might start another book soon.  Lots of things to do - lots of fun!  Plus all kinds of sports too!  Mommy loves sports!  I do too.

Rudy the poodle with many interests

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot Dogs - I'm Not Talking About the Kind with Mustard! Other Stuff.

Wow!  It was 103 degrees yesterday!  We were the warmest city in the nation.  Boomer! and I got our exercise inside by wrestling, running back and forth, Boomer! chased his tail, and I danced.  When we had to we went outside to "take care of business," then hurried back in and filled up on water.

We went to a graduation party this weekend.  It was fun.  I think the next time Boomer! or I go for puppy school, we should have a graduation party.  We could have all our friends over and do tricks for them!  I think that sounds like a great time!

Boomer! had a vet visit to get his vaccines.  He weighs 68.8 pounds!  He is a big boy!  But he is still my little brother!  Thankfully he knows it too, or I might get squished - YIKES!

Auntie Wendy finished a video she taped at my book release party for "What's On My Nose?"  That was a fun night!  I thought I would share it with you.  Hope you enjoy it.

We are working on my new book now "Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine" and preparing for a couple of programs coming up soon.

I love sharing my news with everyone!  I hope you enjoy it too!

Rudy the hot dog poodle (no mustard, please!)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Big Deliveries

The books are here!  The books are here!  I'm so excited, because my books are here!  If you could see me now, you'd know I was dancing.  I am so excited!  We've been waiting for a while.  And they look good.  Plus - we had another delivery that makes me very happy.  We ordered some special treats I can eat called "Gentle Snackers."  They are allowed on my special kidney diet, and I LOVE them!  I got two packages in the mail today.  Lucky me!

So today was a very happy day.  We played outside, but with the temperature being over 90 and lots of humidity, I couldn't stay out very long.  Mommy and I have to pay attention to that because of our kidneys.  We are both little and can get dehydrated quickly. 

Rudy the lucky well hydrated cute little poodle

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hooray Sunshine!...Happy Anniversary!

The sunshine has returned so we can spend more time in our backyard having fun and adventures.  Boomer! and I like to run back and forth to find new things.  Today Boomer! found a plastic bag and some cardboard.  (The wind tends to blow strange things into our yard.)  I like to sniff new flowers, bushes, and stones just in case they're different.  Once in a while I find an interesting patch of grass I like to roll on.  I love the feeling of grass on my back, especially if there's a little smell to it.

Next we go over to the trees and look up at the birds.  There are many birds in our yard - some of them make really funny noises and look a bit odd.  The birds fascinate Boomer!  He stares at them for a long time.  I usually move on to the middle of the yard to investigate any new sounds.  Sometimes I hear dogs barking; I always return the bark so they know I'm here.  If any neighbors are out I will dance for them.  My favorite activity is playing Follow the Leader with Daddy and sometimes Mommy.  I learned that lesson in puppy school.  Sunshine is beautiful and feels good!

Mommy and Daddy celebrated their anniversary today.  I'm not sure what that is - I guess it's kind of like a birthday because it's celebrated once a year.  Maybe Boomer! and I can have an anniversary, I'll have to think about it and do more research.

Word is I'll have my new books in my paws on June 3rd!

Rudy the backyard exploring, sunshine loving poodle!

Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm the Entertainer and Boomer! is the Host

My appointment with the nutritionist lasted two hours!  Wow!  I did a lot of dancing and took myself for a couple of walks.  They said that was funny - they'd never seen a poodle do that, just labs.  Kirby was a lab, but he never took himself for a walk.  In fact, I used to take him and Dexter for walks when we went to the vet and had to wait.  Maybe I am part lab, at least in my mind.

We learned a lot and Mommy had all her questions resolved.  My tests were all stable, so I don't have to go back for a whole month!  That makes all of us happy!

Our neighbor friend Hobey came over to play.  We had fun!  Boomer! and Hobey are close in size and speed so they played together more and I jumped in when I wanted.  We noticed that all of a sudden they weren't there anymore.  At first Daddy thought they went into the garage, but Mommy remembered she left the back door open.  Sure enough, Boomer! was giving our guest a tour of the house!  He is a very good host.

I hope it doesn't rain all weekend!  Memorial Day weekend is always unpredictable in Minnesota!  Good thing we have lots of indoor activities we can do!  Hopefully my new book will be ready next week.

Rudy the Stable Poodle with a Lab mentality!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sports, Lilacs and Midnight Surprise

It's been a busy weekend!  When the rain stayed away, Boomer! and I spent a lot of time outside.  The lilacs are blooming, so spring has officially decided to hang around even though it's almost Memorial Day.  Mommy loves lilacs and so do I - they smell good!

Watching sports was also a big part of the weekend.  Lots of baseball, a hockey game and a horse race.  I would like to ride a horse - it looks like fun!  People could call me Rootin' Tootin' Rudy just like a cowboy.  I'm little too, so the horse could run really fast.  Mommy loves horses; just like me.  Maybe Daddy should get us a horse and he could live in our backyard.  There's plenty of room for all of us!

Late Friday night Boomer! got sick.  He threw up all over the house!  Yuck!  Boomer! didn't know he wasn't supposed to eat his blanket, so he did.  Blanket diets aren't good for the tummy.

Saturday was a little rocky with a few more "episodes" but Boomer! didn't slow down a bit!  Nothing can stop us from playing.  He's all better now!  (The blanket didn't make it though.)

Rootin' Tootin' Rudy (I like the way that sounds!)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Singing in the Rain and Dancing in the Sunshine

It's been really weird weather.  For a while it was cold and wet - it almost snowed again!  I'll admit I don't sing very well, but I sure can bark!  The rain made me bark plenty!  Now it's sunny.  I think it's a coincidence that the sun came out on Sunday.  I hope it stays for a long time.  Nice weather makes me dance!

Mommy's friend Stacy gave me a crocodile.  It may be an alligator, but I think it's a crocodile.  I named him Elton, after Elton John a famous singer that wrote "Crocodile Rock."  That was a popular song when Daddy and Mommy were kids.  That must have been a long time ago.  I play with him while I am upstairs with Daddy.  Usually Boomer! is sleeping.  I like to wrestle with Elton and carry him around in my mouth.  Boomer! can't play with him because he would eat Elton.  Otherwise I would share - maybe!

I think it's time to rest, so I can dance some more later.  Let the sun shine!

Rudy the dancing, crocodile wrestling poodle

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Overdue Correction and a New Fashion Statement

Recently I found out that our new neighbor Kolby is really named Hobey!  That's after Hobey Baker, a famous Hockey player.  His family loves hockey.  I think I would like to play hockey - only inside not outside.

I am really fast, I could fly down the ice, but I would have to learn how to skate!  Maybe I should stick to baseball - I already know how to run really fast!  I could be a substitute runner - they call that a "Pinch Runner."  I could go from first to third on a single hit no problem!  (That's baseball talk)

I had to go to a special vet doctor and have an ultrasound.  I had fun!!  I did my dance for all the people and puppies.  I played with Rocko and Cooper.  They are little, like me.

Mommy and Daddy have been worried about me, but I am alright.  The vet did find some kidney disease that I've had since I was born!  What a coincidence - I write a book about kidneys and I end having Kidney disease.  Now I will have to take some medicine and eat special food, but that's the only difference.

I will still be able to boss my little brother Boomer!  around for many years!  They had to shave my tummy for the ultrasound, so I might hear about that!  I think it's cute!  Maybe it will catch on as a new fashion trend!

Rudy the Trend Setter

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mommy's Day!

Hi Everyone!
Hope you had a great weekend!  Sunday was "Mother's Day."  So Boomer! and I got Mommy a cake.  We love our mommy!
The weather was beautiful until Sunday afternoon.

Here's a picture of me and the cake!

(Boomer! wouldn't sit still for the picture - he was too excited!)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here It Is - As Promised

While Boomer! and I had our sleepover, Mommy and Daddy visited their friends in New Jersey.  They were invited to participate in the National "Take Your Children to Work" day events.

The morning started with a welcome program.  Mommy spoke at that in front of an auditorium full of 500 people - children and parents.  Word has it that both cafeterias were used as overflow and they were standing room only!  Mommy had fun!

After the program, Daddy and Mommy did several storytimes and answered many questions.  Mommy loves questions and there were some that she hadn't heard before.  One young man asked her if she dreamed.  Mommy answered she not only dreams, but she can see in them and they're in color!  Another little boy asked her to sing a song, so she did "Rudy Tooty" - one of my favorites.  Everyone clapped.

At lunch time, Mommy had a book signing and met many of the children.  It went for 2 1/2 hours and there was always a steady line.  It was great!  The only reason she had to stop was to do another storytime!

Many more questions were asked by the children: "Do your eyes hurt?"  "How did you become interested in poodles?"  and a few "I never met a real author before!"  She sure loves that stuff!  I didn't think she would ever stop!

At the end of the day Daddy and Mommy were interviewed.  Mommy was asked to sing again (the word was out by then) so now it's on tape - oh, oh!

Mommy and Daddy had a wonderful day, they are still talking about it.  They really enjoyed meeting all the children and seeing their friends again.

P.S.  The tall man from last year named Ivor (I think he's the CEO) dedicated a song to Mommy.  He and his son sang it at the welcome program.  It was called Blackbird and it was originally done by a Beatle before I was born.  I didn't know bugs could sing!  She felt very special.

Rudy the Jersey Poodle (forget about it!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Little Photo Teaser

I didn't have time to complete my story about Mommy and Daddy's adventure in New Jersey, so...

I decided to send a little photo teaser.  Looks like a lot of fun.  They probably had as much fun there as Boomer! and I did at our sleepover.  I promise to finish my story very soon.


Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Birthday....Our Sleepover Adventure!

Happy Birthday to me!  I'm 7 now!  We had a fun day - playing outside a lot in the beautiful weather, eating special cookies for puppies (bacon and cheese - YUM!) and having this crazy birthday bear sing to me all day!
The bear is on the left - I'm the cute one on the right!
What fun!  I went in to the Vet for my followup last Monday.  I thought I would be alright - I feel great!  But the infection is still there, so I have to take some stronger pills for a while longer.

Wednesday we went to Wagging Tails for our first ever sleepover!  It was exciting!  We played all day - hung out and slept all night.  At first we thought I would have to stay at the vet's, but Wagging Tails was able to give me my medicine, and I took it very well.

Mommy and Daddy went to New Jersey and saw many of their friends and met hundreds of children!  They had so much fun!  I will write a separate blog about all their adventures next time.  They were going to come home Friday, but decided it would be better to come home Thursday night because Mommy was worried about me of course.

Boomer! and I came home Friday morning and are trying to get used to our old routine again.  It's hard after being gone for 2 days!  Everyone was very sleepy after all of our excitement.  It has been a very busy week! 

Hope you all had a nice Easter!

7 Year Old Sleepover Expert Rudy
I beat him in a wrestling match, so no more singing!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Talking to the Lions?? And other stuff

On Wednesday afternoon, Mommy got a call to do a speaking engagement for the Lions that night.  The scheduled speaker had to cancel last minute and they hoped Mommy could fill in.  At first I was confused.  Was Mommy going to the jungle or zoo to talk to the animals?  I know we like animals but lions are pretty big.  I thought I should be with her as security.  Then Daddy explained the Lions were a club of people that help the community.  They are called the "Lion's Club."  I figured it was safe.  She did a good job especially with such short notice plus she sold many of our books!

Sunday is my 7th birthday!  It is also Easter!  It will be a double celebration, lots of fun!  The next day I go to the vet to make sure my infection is gone.  I feel much better!  I have been taking my pills, eating well and running around with Boomer!  Everything seems back to normal.

Our friend Carole got a new puppy named Wyatt.  He is 7 weeks old.  He is so cute!

We received a nice email from the woman who organizes the Bloomington Writer's Festival.  Her grand daughter bought "What's On My Nose?" to read with her later.  When they shared the book some of my thoughts and comments "made them laugh out loud."  She took the time to share that with us.  It's nice to hear that people like your work.  She said "They loved it!"

Rudy (I could've been a lion tamer!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snow is a 4 letter word... Update on me and us

Since snow is a four letter word, I'm not allowed to say it out loud, so I won't.  It was covering our grass this morning and it's only 4 days before my birthday!

I am feeling much better, still need to take my medicine for a few more days but I'm eating well and very perky.  Everyone is happy!  Good thing - Daddy and Mommy leave for New Jersey in a week.  Boomer! and I are going to our first sleep over party.  It should be tons of fun!  Playing all day and hanging out with our puppy friends.  There are lots of friendly humans there too.

We are done with the lay-out of my new book "Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine" and sending it off to the printers.  If all goes well, proofs will be done shortly after Daddy and Mommy come back.  Hopefully the book will be done in May or early June at the latest.

One of the young authors Mommy talked to last Jaunuary did a review for my book.  She is an excellent writer and we are very impressed with her skills.  I think she will be an author someday.

Spring should return this weekend - I hope so!  Minnesota has had enough of the white stuff (s---).  I personally like the sun!  Have a great day, I'll be back!

almost seven Rudy

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Doctor Big Hands

Here's a picture of Mommy and Daddy with Dr. Big Hands as promised.  Notice how big his hands are compared to Mommy's.  He is such a nice man.  I hope he keeps being a doctor for a long - long time.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

My "Real" Rudy's Check Up

Earlier this week I went in for my yearly check up.  It's a good thing because they found out I had a bladder infection.  That's probably why I was drinking more lately.  My doctor gave me some medicine.  I have to take it for two weeks, then the infection should be gone.  The medicine makes my tummy a little upset, so I wasn't eating much.  Mommy was very worried.  Daddy bought several different things for me to try eating.  I discovered one I really like!  Every meal time, I gobble it up!  I can hardly wait to eat!  Yum!

Mommy and Daddy have a book signing on Saturday.  Since I am feeling better, they will let me stay home with Boomer! and not worry about me.

Only ten more days until my Birthday!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A B and B Weekend

It was a Beautiful and Busy weekend.  The Temperature even reached 76 yesterday!  On Saturday, Boomer! and I had a play date.  We got together with our friends and played all day.  It was really fun!  We were very tired when we got home.  Daddy and Mommy went to an event in Maplewood called the "Gift of Life."  It was hosted by the NKF.  We had a chance to speak with Dr. Najarian, the pioneer of transplants!  He is very famous.  Mommy hadn't talked to him for a few years, so it was very nice to have the opportunity.  He signed a copy of his book for her.  She signed a book for him.  Dr. Najarian is Dr. Big Hands in our book "Rudy Gets A Transplant!"  It was wonderful meeting so many people and hearing their stories.

Yesterday a nice man came over to talk with Daddy and Mommy.  He would like to make a CD for us.  He did the KSTP story on us a few years ago.  They talked about me, Boomer!, and some other stuff.  My bark will be featured!  Hope you had a nice weekend!

P.S.  Daddy will post a picture from the event shortly.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Play Date, Event, and a New Book - Allright!

It's been beautiful and sunny the last few days.  I love feeling the grass underneath my feet!  Boomer! and I run around and soak it all up.  It's great!  We may get some rain this week end (just in time for the Twin's home opener - my favorite baseball team) but we will have to wait and see what happens.  Sometimes forecasts change.

Boomer! and I have a play date on Saturday.  We will have lots of fun playing with our friends all day.  If it rains, there is plenty of room inside!  Daddy and Mommy have an event called the "Gift of Life."  They will meet many new people (they love it).  Mommy will talk about my books and her experiences.  It will be a fun day for everyone.

We are in the final stage of preparing "Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine" for printing.  How exciting!  I can hardly wait!  We have been working very hard; I hope everybody likes it!  So far we have heard great feedback.

I put a new Tip of the Month on my web site  Take a look if you have a chance - it's about sharing!  Of course I mentioned National Donate Life Month, it's very important and special to us.

Enjoy the sun!

Ready for Spring Full Time Rudy

Thursday, March 31, 2011

April brings more than showers - it brings fun!

Time has gone by so fast!  Tomorrow is the first game for my favorite baseball team!  That definitely means Spring!  Even though there's still some snow in Minnesota, that won't stop us from playing baseball!
Boomer! likes to play frisbee and chase.  He chases me.  I can zig and zag so I can confuse him because he is big and only goes straight.  It is fun!

Mommy and Daddy have some big days ahead in April.  An event for Donate Life Month called "Gift of Life," a book signing, and a visit to New Jersey for "Take Your Children to Work Day."  Plus it's my birthday on April 24th!  I will be 7!  Wow!

Lots going on - and don't forget my new book, too!  We love it!  Bring it on!

Rudy the busy poodle

Thursday, March 24, 2011

On the Road Again!

We have the Rudymobile back!  Along with it came some nasty weather!  UGH!  Boomer! and I will practice in the garage again until it's safer for puppies to be on the road.  That's all right, we'll have fun!  No need to drive unless you have to!

Work on "Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine" is going well.  We are very excited.   It might be out this summer!  Only 8 more days until my favorite sport starts - BASEBALL!  Only 2 weeks until our home opener!  The snow needs to go away fast or people will be sitting in snow banks!  That would be funny.  That's sports in April - you never know what to expect!  Lots of fun ahead!

Rudy the excited poodle with wheels!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things Are Looking Up

I think things are looking up and spring is here!  The snow in our backyard is melting fast.  We have a stream running along the back because water is draining.  Maybe I should add some green dye to it like the big cities do for St. Patrick's Day.  It's nice to see green rather then the white we've seen for so long!

Chances are good that we'll be getting the Rudymobile back in a couple days.  That will be nice!

The library told us there are so many people wanting to read "What's On My Nose?" that there's a waiting list!  I'm so excited - I'm glad people like my books!  The library just got more copies so the wait should be shorter now, so don't worry if you want to check it out!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Smelling the Shih Tzu

It's going to be sunny and in the 50's for temperature.  That's great for March in Minnesota.  I'm looking forward to meeting the newest neighbor next door.  It's a Shih Tzu.  First they started with Kolby, then added Sheba the German Shepherd and now a third puppy.  I'm excited - he's more my size!  Now the big dogs can run back and forth while the Shih Tzu and I stand in the corner and sniff each other.

We are working on the lay out for my next book, "Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine."  I'm very excited about that, too!  We're having fun.  Mommy worked on an introduction for one of her events.  They wanted to see a preview of it.  It brought back memories of her college days and her first official speech.

When it was Mommy's turn to talk, someone walked her up to the front of the class.  She started her speech, but after two sentences the instructor politely interrupted her.  He quietly said, "Stacy your facing the wall, we're to your right."  After a little giggling, Mommy turned to her right and started her speech over.  Of course she added, "How's that for an ice breaker?"  Everyone laughed.

It calmed Mommy right down and since then she's learned to ask the audience a few questions to determine where they are so she's facing the right way.  Easy solution!  She's been sailing ever since!  I think Mommy is funny!  So is Daddy.  I think that's where Boomer! and I get our senses of humor.

Rudy the excited, funny, friendly neighbor

Thursday, March 10, 2011

When Life isn't Fair, You Need a Dancing Poodle

I didn't know whether to tell this or not, but I figured a lot of you would notice soon.  The last few days haven't been so good.  The Rudymobile is broken, but it can be fixed.  Mommy and Daddy were on their way home from a birthday lunch on Sunday and were the innocent victims of a senseless car accident.  We are all right, but it is very sad.  I won't go ino details, but the accident never should have happened.  Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people and puppies and they must live with it.  I'll try to be extra cute to help brighten the mood.  Maybe I can get Boomer! to chase his tail.  That's good for a laugh.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My First Online Article

I'm going to write a short blog tonight.  I would like to share my article from Patch dot com.  This is written by the woman that came to interview me a few weeks ago.  There are lots of pictures.  Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Follow the Daddy

Well, I don't like to admit it, but I've been a picky eater lately.  This worried Mommy.  Someone suggested getting more exercise might help.  During the winter, I don't get much exercise.  There is so much snow, it's too hard to run very long!

Daddy started walking back and forth really fast and I followed him.  He went all around the yard many times.  I kept following!  We ended up playing "Follow the Leader!"  I like that!  We've done it the last few days.  Guess what?  I'm eating better!

It's "Happy Birthday" weekend.  Mommy's birthday is on Monday... Birthday Bear and Daddy will sing, Boomer! will chase his tail and I will do a dance!  Oh boy!

Have a nice weekend!

Follow the Leader, Rudy

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Is Here

Wow!  February was a busy month.  We had 7 events.  It was soooo fun.  On Monday night Daddy and Mommy talked to a group of grown ups.  They said it was fun meeting lots of new people.  We don't have any events for a while.  But April is busier.

We got the illustrations for our new book.  I'm soooo excited!

I hope the snow melts soon so we can enjoy Spring.  There's a new "Tip of the Month" up on


Sunday, February 27, 2011

We Passed the Test...Walk for the Cure

A couple days ago Boomer and I went to a place called Wagging Tails.  We had to take a test so they could make sure we were good boys.  We passed!  We get to go back sometime.  It was fun, but very tiring.  Boomer slept all night.

On Saturday, Daddy and Mommy went on a walk to cure Type I Diabetes at the Mall of America.  There were so many people!  It's a good thing furry friends weren't invited because I would not have been able to walk that far.  Daddy and Mommy walked on three levels of the mall so I think they went a long distance.  They said it was great to see so many people participate.

We're back to having  very cold weather, but it should warm up very soon.  Hope you have a wonderful day!