Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Giving = Happiness

Even though the weather has been a bit cool this week, Ringo and I have enjoyed it.  We have fur coats, so it has been perfect for Frisbee and whiffle ball play!  As usual this year, we are below the average temperature for Minnesota.  Twenty whole degrees, sometimes!  That's a lot.

Ringo is done with puppy kindergarten now and he did very well.  The teacher was very impressed with his ability to pay attention and stay focused.  She said that is hard for puppies his age.  He watches everything going on around him, just like me!

A few blogs ago I told you about Mommy's pancreas.  She has been back on insulin for a while now and I am happy to say her labs are getting better!  We are all very excited about it!  It was an adjustment, but "that's life!"

We have a children's program coming up next month, so Mommy is working on it.  It is for her little fans in Hastings, so she's working on something new.  They really support, "Storytime with Stacy."

Recently I heard a story about happiness on the news.  It said you should be willing to give more than you take.  That seems automatic in my home.  I see it happening all the time.  I am going to work on it with Ringo, so he understands it eventually.  He is pretty good at sharing (for a puppy) and this seems to be the next logical step.

Although I probably don't need to, I worry about him getting caught up in the "me" generation philosophy.  I hear it all the time, "Take care of yourself."  Maybe that works sometimes, but everyone needs a little help once in a while.  There is something called karma, it means what goes around, comes around.  If everyone just takes care of themselves, there is nothing to go around!

This may sound a little philosophical for a puppy, but I think about things a lot.  I get that from Mommy.  People don't know it, but we give many books away.  It feels good.  Sometimes we hear how other people enjoy them and our programs.  That feels great!  Karma, my friends!