Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Birthday....Our Sleepover Adventure!

Happy Birthday to me!  I'm 7 now!  We had a fun day - playing outside a lot in the beautiful weather, eating special cookies for puppies (bacon and cheese - YUM!) and having this crazy birthday bear sing to me all day!
The bear is on the left - I'm the cute one on the right!
What fun!  I went in to the Vet for my followup last Monday.  I thought I would be alright - I feel great!  But the infection is still there, so I have to take some stronger pills for a while longer.

Wednesday we went to Wagging Tails for our first ever sleepover!  It was exciting!  We played all day - hung out and slept all night.  At first we thought I would have to stay at the vet's, but Wagging Tails was able to give me my medicine, and I took it very well.

Mommy and Daddy went to New Jersey and saw many of their friends and met hundreds of children!  They had so much fun!  I will write a separate blog about all their adventures next time.  They were going to come home Friday, but decided it would be better to come home Thursday night because Mommy was worried about me of course.

Boomer! and I came home Friday morning and are trying to get used to our old routine again.  It's hard after being gone for 2 days!  Everyone was very sleepy after all of our excitement.  It has been a very busy week! 

Hope you all had a nice Easter!

7 Year Old Sleepover Expert Rudy
I beat him in a wrestling match, so no more singing!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Talking to the Lions?? And other stuff

On Wednesday afternoon, Mommy got a call to do a speaking engagement for the Lions that night.  The scheduled speaker had to cancel last minute and they hoped Mommy could fill in.  At first I was confused.  Was Mommy going to the jungle or zoo to talk to the animals?  I know we like animals but lions are pretty big.  I thought I should be with her as security.  Then Daddy explained the Lions were a club of people that help the community.  They are called the "Lion's Club."  I figured it was safe.  She did a good job especially with such short notice plus she sold many of our books!

Sunday is my 7th birthday!  It is also Easter!  It will be a double celebration, lots of fun!  The next day I go to the vet to make sure my infection is gone.  I feel much better!  I have been taking my pills, eating well and running around with Boomer!  Everything seems back to normal.

Our friend Carole got a new puppy named Wyatt.  He is 7 weeks old.  He is so cute!

We received a nice email from the woman who organizes the Bloomington Writer's Festival.  Her grand daughter bought "What's On My Nose?" to read with her later.  When they shared the book some of my thoughts and comments "made them laugh out loud."  She took the time to share that with us.  It's nice to hear that people like your work.  She said "They loved it!"

Rudy (I could've been a lion tamer!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snow is a 4 letter word... Update on me and us

Since snow is a four letter word, I'm not allowed to say it out loud, so I won't.  It was covering our grass this morning and it's only 4 days before my birthday!

I am feeling much better, still need to take my medicine for a few more days but I'm eating well and very perky.  Everyone is happy!  Good thing - Daddy and Mommy leave for New Jersey in a week.  Boomer! and I are going to our first sleep over party.  It should be tons of fun!  Playing all day and hanging out with our puppy friends.  There are lots of friendly humans there too.

We are done with the lay-out of my new book "Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine" and sending it off to the printers.  If all goes well, proofs will be done shortly after Daddy and Mommy come back.  Hopefully the book will be done in May or early June at the latest.

One of the young authors Mommy talked to last Jaunuary did a review for my book.  She is an excellent writer and we are very impressed with her skills.  I think she will be an author someday.

Spring should return this weekend - I hope so!  Minnesota has had enough of the white stuff (s---).  I personally like the sun!  Have a great day, I'll be back!

almost seven Rudy

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Doctor Big Hands

Here's a picture of Mommy and Daddy with Dr. Big Hands as promised.  Notice how big his hands are compared to Mommy's.  He is such a nice man.  I hope he keeps being a doctor for a long - long time.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

My "Real" Rudy's Check Up

Earlier this week I went in for my yearly check up.  It's a good thing because they found out I had a bladder infection.  That's probably why I was drinking more lately.  My doctor gave me some medicine.  I have to take it for two weeks, then the infection should be gone.  The medicine makes my tummy a little upset, so I wasn't eating much.  Mommy was very worried.  Daddy bought several different things for me to try eating.  I discovered one I really like!  Every meal time, I gobble it up!  I can hardly wait to eat!  Yum!

Mommy and Daddy have a book signing on Saturday.  Since I am feeling better, they will let me stay home with Boomer! and not worry about me.

Only ten more days until my Birthday!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A B and B Weekend

It was a Beautiful and Busy weekend.  The Temperature even reached 76 yesterday!  On Saturday, Boomer! and I had a play date.  We got together with our friends and played all day.  It was really fun!  We were very tired when we got home.  Daddy and Mommy went to an event in Maplewood called the "Gift of Life."  It was hosted by the NKF.  We had a chance to speak with Dr. Najarian, the pioneer of transplants!  He is very famous.  Mommy hadn't talked to him for a few years, so it was very nice to have the opportunity.  He signed a copy of his book for her.  She signed a book for him.  Dr. Najarian is Dr. Big Hands in our book "Rudy Gets A Transplant!"  It was wonderful meeting so many people and hearing their stories.

Yesterday a nice man came over to talk with Daddy and Mommy.  He would like to make a CD for us.  He did the KSTP story on us a few years ago.  They talked about me, Boomer!, and some other stuff.  My bark will be featured!  Hope you had a nice weekend!

P.S.  Daddy will post a picture from the event shortly.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Play Date, Event, and a New Book - Allright!

It's been beautiful and sunny the last few days.  I love feeling the grass underneath my feet!  Boomer! and I run around and soak it all up.  It's great!  We may get some rain this week end (just in time for the Twin's home opener - my favorite baseball team) but we will have to wait and see what happens.  Sometimes forecasts change.

Boomer! and I have a play date on Saturday.  We will have lots of fun playing with our friends all day.  If it rains, there is plenty of room inside!  Daddy and Mommy have an event called the "Gift of Life."  They will meet many new people (they love it).  Mommy will talk about my books and her experiences.  It will be a fun day for everyone.

We are in the final stage of preparing "Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine" for printing.  How exciting!  I can hardly wait!  We have been working very hard; I hope everybody likes it!  So far we have heard great feedback.

I put a new Tip of the Month on my web site  Take a look if you have a chance - it's about sharing!  Of course I mentioned National Donate Life Month, it's very important and special to us.

Enjoy the sun!

Ready for Spring Full Time Rudy