Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nice Summer Made an Appearance

Wow!  I just realized that a blog hasn't been posted for a while!  Sorry about that.  Not much going on around here.  We have had a couple of nice days, but the humidity returned today.  The heat will be coming back tomorrow.  Oh well, at least we had a couple of beauties to enjoy.  Maybe the weather people will be wrong about the forecast.

Playing outside is the greatest!  We have a new Frisbee.  Boomer! catches it more than I do, so it keeps him busy while I investigate the yard.  He pokes me with it from time to time - then I chase him.

Mommy was able to enjoy the weather too.  When she came outside we played "Follow the leader."  I was the leader!  Boomer! bounces back and forth between the Frisbee and us.  Daddy does too because he throws the Frisbee.

We had a nice talk with our illustrator friend.  The Irish Fair is next month.  She has many ideas for "Rudy O'Tooty."  I can't wait!  I'm so excited!  Have a nice night - time for me to go to bed.

Rudy the excitable poodle

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blast from the Past ...... Pretty Puppies!

A few days ago, Boomer! and I got our hair cut.  It was just in time!  We beat the extreme heat and humidity.  Thank goodness!  Boomer! is very soft and has nicely done nails.  I had my hair cut short for the summer.  For those of you that didn't see me before my make over - my hair was very long!  I had a puff on top of my head that was about three inches long.  It was getting so heavy it started tilting to the side.  Daddy called it my "fade."  It was funny.  Now we look good!

Recently Daddy was looking on the Internet.  He saw a story about one of our favorite charities called "Home for Life."  It's a place where animals with health issues can live for the rest of their life when their people can't take care of them because of incompatible homes, etc.

Some dogs have epilepsy, cancer, paralysis, etc.  We noticed one of our old friends from doggy daycare lived there now.  When he was 6 months old, his back legs became paralyzed.  It's never stopped him.  His name is Nike, a 7 year old Husky.  He gets around on a scooter and has a girlfriend!  He has lived there since 2007.

We were so relieved to see him doing well.  "Home for Life" is wonderful!  I'm glad there is a place for animals to live and have the special care they need.  We support them.  Here is a link to check them out if you wish.  It's about Nike.

Rudy the short haired poodle.  (Yes - it's really me!)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Quick Update, a Special Day and the Long Awaited Picture

Weather is very important.  The last 2 days were beautiful.  We spent a lot of time outside - running, playing, visiting with our neighbor Hobie and enjoying the fresh air.  Extreme heat warnings are expected for the weekend, so we will stay inside!

My check-up went well - all levels are stable!  I don't have to go back for a whole month!  Boomer! and I are following our new "diets" very well.

On Saturday, July 16, Mommy and Daddy celebrate the second anniversary of the kidney transplant.  Daddy saved Mommy's life.  He is a super hero - I call him Super Daddy!

I have included the long awaited picture of Daddy wearing his crown while sitting on his throne.

I'm looking forward to getting my haircut on Tuesday.  I really need it!  I'm a shaggy little poodle right now.  We are working on the next book and trying to schedule programs for libraries, schools, groups, etc.  We hope some events will be scheduled soon.  We have a few dates in September, October, and December so far.  We hope to do more in February because it is Minnesota Reads Month and National Donate Life Month is in April.  We'll have to keep spreading the word!  The programs are a lot of fun!  I guess I will sign off as Rudy the Inside Poodle.

Good Night!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is Heat a Four Letter Word?

Since four letter words have four letters, heat would literally qualify as a four letter word.  Lately, heat is a different kind of four letter word.  It has really put a damper on outdoor activities.  Between the temperature and humidity, it has been extremely uncomfortable.  Trips outside have been short so we don't get much exercise.  The heat can also be harmful to some of us.  Mommy has a lot of trouble with high temperatures because of the medicine she takes for her transplants.  Sometimes she gets sick from the heat.  I have to watch my water intake and make sure I get plenty.  I am little and dark so I absorb warmth faster then my brother Boomer!  I have to be extra careful with my condition.

We hope the next two days will be more mild. The following weekend promises another heat wave!  This is why I think heat is a four letter word.

I have a check up scheduled this week.  I'm sure it will be good news.  I'm taking my medicine, eating my special diet (so is Boomer!), and drinking lots of water and enjoying my "Gentle Snackers."  Yum - Yum!

July 16 is a big day in our home.  I'll tell you more about it next time.

Rudy, the heat absorbing poodle

Thursday, July 7, 2011

King Daddy's "Happy Birthday Fun Day!"

Daddy's birthday was "Happy Birthday Fun Day!"  Mommy took Daddy shopping so they could get some things he really wanted for a while.

One of them was called a throne.  I don't know why, but it is actually a stool used to sit on while playing the drums.  Daddy got a set of drums from a co-worker, so he wants to practice playing them.  I guess it is hard to play the drums without sitting down.  He also got some sticks you use to hit the drums.

The other thing he got was a new motorcycle helmet.  It looks spacey!  It is very light and will keep him safe on the road.  I'm happy about that!

Since Daddy now has a throne, I call him "King Daddy!"  I decided his helmet was a crown.  I want to take a picture of him as "King Daddy" sitting on his throne wearing his crown.  I think it would be hilarious.  I'll have to catch him in a weak moment.  I am very cute so I can probably talk him into it.  (I'll keep you posted!)

Other parts of "Fun Day" included lots of eating and singing.  Boomer! and I provided the entertainment.  We have mastered the art of chasing our tail (Boomer!) and dancing (Me!).  A good time was had by all!

Love, Rudy, King Daddy's Little Prince

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday America and Daddy!

I wanted to share my July Tip of the Month.  It's about the Fourth of July, and my awesome daddy:

July is an exciting month.  First of all, we have the Fourth of July.  That celebrates our country's independence.  I don't really like fireworks (like most dogs), but I understand the meaning behind them.  I wish we could just see the pretty lights and not hear the loud noises!
The day after is my daddy's birthday!  When he was young, his mom and dad told him the fireworks were to celebrate his birthday.  As he got older, he found out the real reason, but he didn't mind sharing the celebration with our nation.
A few months ago, Mommy and Daddy went to New Jersey.  When they flew in to the city, they went right over the Statue of Liberty.  Wow!  It was the first time they saw it in person.  Daddy said it was breathtaking.  That means it was really awesome!  On the way home, they flew out at night.  A bridge going into New York City had its arches lit with red, white and blue!  That looked beautiful too.  They felt so lucky to have had that experience.
There are many symbols all over the country that stand for our nation's freedom.  I am very proud to live here!  Have you ever visited any of these sites?
Have a Happy 4th!


P.S.  I attached a link to a slide show from last Wednesday's children's program in Hastings.  Enjoy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

All Things Happy!

Happy is the word of the day.  We have had some good news and fun the last few days.

On Tuesday my level that was elevated last vet visit was retested.  The results came back lower which is good news!  I still have to take my extra medicine for a while, but that's all right.  I get my treat after it!

Mommy and Daddy had a children's program in Hastings.  It was so much fun!  They said many people came and listened to my book.  I stayed home and watched Boomer!  He is too young to be left home alone.  There was a woman from Hastings TV filming Daddy reading my story.  It will be on a show called "Playful Pages."  That's exciting.  A little girl was celebrating her birthday.  She wore a princess crown.  Everyone sang "Happy Birthday!"  I think I will wear a crown on my birthday.  It sounds like fun!

Mommy loves doing programs.  She enjoys meeting all the people and talking about me.  (She must talk about other things too?)

The 4th of July is coming up and then Daddy's birthday!  Maybe he should wear a crown!

It is hot and humid - I bet the next few days will be cooler.  I'm not going to complain - it's better than rain!  I think I can finally get my summer haircut!

I hope you have had a happy time!

The Happy Poodle Rudy