Sunday, July 7, 2013

Celebrating Daddy

Wow!  Another day to celebrate Daddy.  Last month we had Happy Daddy's Day and this weekend was Happy Birthday Daddy Day.  The night before his birthday, everyone shoots off fireworks.  Mommy told me that is to celebrate the birthday of our country, but I think it is to kick off Daddy's Birthday.  I believe everyone knew Daddy would be awesome when he was born.

We sang the "Happy Birthday" song several times throughout the day.  I do not sing well, but I do bark and wag my tail in time to the music.  I just know Rudy is dancing in heaven.  It is great fun!  Mommy took Daddy out for dinner and had a good meal.

Boomer! the Mellow Yellow Lab

Daddy's Steak!
Mommy and the Birthday Boy

Mommy's Shrimp - MMMMMM!

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