Sunday, July 14, 2013

How Many Lives does a Mommy Have?

I think my mommy is part cat.  Why do I make that statement?  If the old saying, "a cat has nine lives" is true - my mommy must be part cat.  If my count is correct, Mommy is on her fourth life and that does not included the times, for instance - November 1983, when the doctors said she wouldn't make it.

Her first life started on March 7, 1964, when Mommy was born.  The second was on May 9, 1995, when Auntie Tammy donated a kidney to Mommy.  The gift gave her another life.

Her third life began on December 4, 2003, after an anonymous non-living donor gave Mommy a pancreas.  Now Mommy has a new pancreas, and that cured her diabetes as well.

On July 16, 2009, Daddy donated a kidney, so Mommy could have another kidney transplant.  Without it, she wouldn't be here.  Because of the generosity of these three donors, Mommy is now on her fourth life.  Wow!  I always thought she had to be part puppy because of my brothers and me, but she has to be part cat, too!

With all of the donated organs, I would say she is part of a lot of living beings.  Life is amazing; we are more connected than we can imagine.  Think about it.

Boomer! the mellow yellow lab

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