Sunday, August 4, 2013


This blog will not be introspective or thought provoking.  It will be just fluff, covering three of my favorite subjects. - my birthday, playing Frisbee and the weather!

On Friday, August 2, I turned four years old.  That is one whole paw!  I woke up to the sounds of Mommy and Daddy singing "Happy Birthday."  This guy named Birthday Bear sang along.  I think he might be a little crazy.  He only shows up on birthdays, sings his song and then goes somewhere until the next birthday.  I don't know where he hides, I can't find him.  My brother Rudy tried wrestling him one time, but that didn't seem to scare him.  Birthday Bear must be pretty tough with an excellent memory.

For my birthday, I received a brand new red Frisbee.  I love it!  The Frisbee flies through the air like a warm knife through butter.  Daddy told me that means "smooth and easy."  Professional Frisbee is definitely in my future.

The weather the last few weeks was nothing to complain about except for last weekend.  Sixty degrees in July is not normal for Minnesota!  I guess nothing about this year has been normal.  These last few days have been gorgeous!  When the sun shines and there is not rain, everyone is happy!  Especially me.

It was a great birthday!  The strange bear, singing all day, new Frisbee and decent weather.  All in all - I am a happy puppy.

Boomer! the 4 year old Mellow Yellow Lab

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