Sunday, February 20, 2011

Will the Snow Never End and Other News...

Thursday I was interviewed for an online publication for AOL.  Since most humans don't understand me when I speak, I let Mommy do the talking.  But I put on a good performance!  I did a bunch of dancing, hopping up and down, cuddling in laps, some barking, and generally being cute. My favorite part was posing for the pictures.  The interviewer said I always looked right at the camera.  It was fun. 

My friend David just got his new book cover - it looks great!  The book is called, "Spyder."  He writes exactly the opposite of what I do.  It's for grownups.  We are very excited.  Maybe our new books will be done around the same time.

Today it has snowed a lot, and then it will get cold.  I was looking forward to spring.  I like snow, but we've already had enough.  I really enjoyed playing in the sun last week.  Oh well - I guess we might feel the grass on our feet by June (ha, ha).

I get my haircut tomorrow!


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